Placement Information for Incoming Students--Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Calculus Placement

Please refer to the catalog Mathematics Placement page for more information.
See instructions below for taking the Calculus Placement Exam.

Transfer Students

Students who have taken courses beyond calculus should confer with the Department for advice on placement in an appropriate mathematics course.

Statistics Placement

Advanced placement is available to students with qualifying scores on the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations in statistics.  Students scoring 4 or 5 on the AP exam may receive a prerequisite waiver for courses that have Math 146 as a prerequisite.  Math 146 and Math 150 are similar courses; we advise students who are interested in taking an introductory statistics course and who have a Calculus I background (either coursework or AP placement) to enroll in Math 150: Data Analysis rather than Math 146: Statistics.

Calculus Courses

The following are brief descriptions of Occidental's calculus courses. For a more detailed description of each individual course, please refer to the online course catalog.

Unified Precalculus and Calculus: Math 108-109

For students who have studied only three years of high school mathematics or who are unready for the pace of calculus (see below).   This is a two-semester sequence that is equivalent to one semester of Calculus 1 (Math 110 or 114).

Calculus 1 & 2: Math 110 & 120

For students with no prior experience in calculus, but who have studied algebra 1 and 2, geometry, and a fourth year of high school mathematics (such as Mathematical Analysis, Elementary Functions, or pre-calculus).

Calculus 1 (Advanced): Math 114, followed by Calculus 2: Math 120

Intended for students interested in more mathematical rigor; recommended for students who expect to take mathematics courses beyond calculus. 

Calculus 2 (Advanced Placement): Math 128

Similar to Math 120, but for students who have sucessfully completed Advanced Placement calculus; and assumes mastery of the basic skills particularly integration techniques and differentiation rules. Please refer to the Mathematics Placement page for details.


Calculus Placement Exam

Step 1

Prior to taking the online placement exam, you must have activated your Oxy computer (Oxynet) account. If you haven't already, please go to with your assigned username and PIN, then change your PIN to your Oxynet password. If you have already changed your PIN to your Oxynet password, go to Step 2.

Step 2
Go to and log in using your Oxy user name and password. click on the "Enroll Me" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 3
Once you are on the "Enrollment Options" page, scroll to the very bottom and click the "Enroll Me" button. (You can do this prior to actually taking the test.)

Step 4
When you are ready, take the test. Please follow all instructions and remember that you must take the test in one uninterrupted session. If you have problems logging into Moodle, please contact the ITS helpdesk at or (323) 259-2880.

After taking the placement exam, you may contact the Advising Center for advising at (323) 259-1341. You can also make an appointment to talk to an adviser if you would like to do so.

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