Undergraduate research is a highlight of the Mathematics program at Occidental College. We encourage all students to apply and enrich their scholarship.

The department offers a variety of Mathematics research programs for both students at Oxy and undergraduates from other colleges or universities. Students interested in undergraduate research can visit these websites to learn more about the programs and apply:

Students are strongly encouraged to share their research findings with a wider audience and explore opportunities such as presenting at conferences. Below, you'll find helpful conference resources available for Mathematics students.

Recent Mathematics research programs at Occidental College:

National Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at Occidental College (NREUP 2022)

NREUP 2022 was sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) to provide students with research experience in Applied Mathematics. Students worked collaboratively together in groups under the supervision of their mentors on an active mathematics research problem.

In Summer 2022, students developed and explored specialized techniques called nonstandard finite differences to produce numerical solutions to ordinary differential equations. Since there are very few instances in which closed-form analytical solutions for ODEs and PDEs can be found, we used these numerical analytical techniques to produce accurate approximations to solutions of problems derived from real-world mathematical models.

List of participants:
  • Alexis Guevara (Oxy)
  • Alex Gutierrez-Diaz (California State University, Los Angeles)
  • Amelia Threatt (Oxy)
  • Johnny Sierra (California State University, Los Angeles)
Research Products

REU 2022 Oral Presentation:

Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2021 (REU 2021)

In Summer 2021, a NSF-sponsored REU was hosted by Occidental College virtually by Zoom. The faculty involved in the program were Jim Brown and Treena Basu. Research topics were coding theory and numerical analysis. Please see more information about REU 2021 here.

List of participants:
  • Livia Betti (University of Rochester)
  • Zaheer Coovadia (Boston College)
  • Mayra Diaz (Heritage University)
  • Fernando Gaitan (Wesleyan University)
  • David Iniguez (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
  • Alexandra Scott (Tufts University)
  • Aiyana Spear (Wellesley College)
  • Japheth Varlack (Lee University)
Research Products:

REU 2021 Oral Presentations:

REU 2021 Written Presentations:

REU 2021 Publications:

  • J. Brown, L. Betti, F. Gaitan, A. Spear, J. Varlack, Lattices in real quadratic fields and associated theta series arising from codes over F4 and F2 × F2, Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2023, https://doi.org/10.1007/s10623-023-01258-w.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates 2020 (REU 2020)

In Summer 2020, a NSF-sponsored REU was hosted by Occidental College virtually by Zoom. The faculty involved in the program were Jim Brown, Treena Basu and Eric Sundberg. Research topics were data science, number theory, and positional game theory. Please see more information about REU 2020 here.

List of participants:
  • Jessica Rae Booher (Westminster College)
  • Victor Cho (Cypress College)
  • Justine Dell (Haverford College)
  • Merrick Hua (Arcadia High School)
  • Hanna Noelle Griesbach (Elon University)
  • Amanda Hernandez (Rice University)
  • Matthew Mena (El Camino College)
  • Hannah Sheats (St. Andrews College)
  • Ann Thompson (University of Texas - Austin)
  • Sireesh Vinnakota (Pomona College)
Research Products:

REU 2020 Oral Presentations:

REU 2020 Written Presentations:

REU 2020 Publications:

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