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Fall 2020 Virtual Math Helproom, 7 days a week!

Students: now you can drop in to a Zoom session and ask your professors questions about your math assignments!
Instructors: Don Lawrence and Jeff Miller 
Classes: All math classes are covered. See Don for Math 310 and Jeff for Math 372 or Math 400.
Zoom Meeting ID: 96112710396 (email Don or Jeff for password)
Schedule: Times are listed in PST.
Sun 12-1 pm (Don)
Mon 3-4 pm (Jeff), 4-5 pm (D)
Tue 9:30-10:30 pm (J)
Wed 3-4 pm (J), 10:30-11:30 pm (J)
Thur 12-1 pm (D)
Fri 3-4 pm (J), 5-6 pm (D)
Sat 12-1 pm (D)

Major in Mathematics

Occidental's mathematics program aims to serve the diverse needs of students in the physical sciences, social sciences, and liberal arts as well as mathematics. Study and problem-solving in mathematics at all levels provide a paradigm of critical thinking: identifying and questioning premises, inferring patterns from evidence, deducing conclusions from hypotheses, and expressing ideas clearly. Other disciplines rely on mathematics to provide technical tools for precise reasoning and communication.

Upon graduation, some mathematics majors go on to graduate or professional school while others begin careers in teaching, business, industry, or government. The mathematics major can be structured to provide a solid foundation in the mathematical sciences--pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and operations research--and fields close to mathematics--computer science, actuarial science, and engineering. A major or minor in mathematics can also provide an excellent technical and theoretical complement to a major or minor in other fields.

Additional information is provided for the mathematics major:

Course Tracking
Major Declaration Form

If you want to continue your education in mathematics, please consult the list of graduate schools (offering M.S. and Ph.D. programs) and our recommendations.

Working for the Math Department

Gateway Workshop Leader
AMP Facilitator
Math Grader
Office Assistant

If you have any interest in any of these positions, please contact the Mathematics Department at or call (323) 259-2822.