Pass, Pass with Distinction, and Honors

Assessment of Comps:

Once the comprehensive projects are submitted, the Religious Studies faculty assesses the papers and oral presentations, awarding them one of the following marks: 

  • Pass (P) is awarded to work that meets departmental standards
  • Pass with Distinction (PD) is awarded to exceptionally sophisticated work that surpasses the departmental standards
  • Fail (F) for work that fails to satisfy departmental standards.

Holistic Assessment of Achievement in the Department:

The Department of Religious Studies awards Honors to students who have demonstrated excellence in the discipline of Religious Studies. In the Spring semester, the Religious Studies faculty review the Seniors’ record in the department and makes its determinations about whether to award Honors to graduating seniors based on achievement in coursework, GPA (min. 3.25 College average), sophistication of the comprehensive project, and contribution to the intellectual community. 



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