The following are recent Senior Comprehensives Papers:


  • Jay Corrigan, "Mystical Medicine: American Spirituality in the Psychedelic Revolution and Renaissance"
  • Ava Wampold, "Legislated Bodies: The Cycles of Jewish Exile and Menstrual Purity Laws" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps


  • Maeve Cassetty, "Anti-Gender Morality: An Analysis of the Catholic Church’s Moral Politics in Croatia, Poland, and Hungary"  Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Eric DaCosta, "Sectarianism Inside and Outside of the Stadium: The Old Firm as a Reflection of Catholic-Protestant Divide in Scottish Society”
  • Hannah Plummer, "Feminine Bodies and Consumption: Female Saints and Ascetic Practices in Tiqqun’s Theory of the Young-Girl"
  • Sarah Rankin, "'In With the Old, Framed as the New': Militant Atheism, Islamophobia, and Scientific Superiority in the Work of the New Atheists"


  • Andrew Foster, "Parallel accessions: Negotiating European Muslim identity through the 2016 Bosnian EU accession bid and European migrant crisis" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Elena Kervitsky, "Reading Gilgamesh’s History: A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Changing Relationship Between Kings and Gods in the Gilgamesh Epic and the Politicization of Mesopotamian Kingship" (graduated December 2021)
  • Nicole Matsanov, "The intersection of antisemitism and economics: Usury, finance, and capitalism from the middle ages to the present"
  • Sam Monius, "Creating a Sacred Blues: Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and Boundary Work in Black Christian Musical Genres" (graduated December 2021)
  • Alex Smith, "The smell of death and damnation: Sulphur as an apocalyptic element in Christian apocalyptic literature"
  • Maggie Saucedo, "The riotous religious reality of the Trump era: Christian nationalism, spiritual warfare, and moral panics in the making of the 2021 Capitol insurrection"


  • Isobel Dickson, "The Art of Remembering: Austrian Post-War Reckoning with the Nazi Period and the Reconciliation of Jewish Memory Through Holocaust Memorials"  Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Jona Yadidi, "How Bread Rises to the Occasion: The Relationships between Christian and Jewish Bread Rituals"



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