Recent Comps Papers

The following are recent Comprehensive Papers:


  • Andrew Foster, "Parallel accessions: Negotiating European Muslim identity through the 2016 Bosnian EU accession bid and European migrant crisis" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Elena Kervitsky, "Reading Gilgamesh’s History: A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Changing Relationship Between Kings and Gods in the Gilgamesh Epic and the Politicization of Mesopotamian Kingship" (graduated December 2021)
  • Nicole Matsanov, "The intersection of antisemitism and economics: Usury, finance, and capitalism from the middle ages to the present"
  • Sam Monius, "Creating a Sacred Blues: Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou and Boundary Work in Black Christian Musical Genres" (graduated December 2021)
  • Alex Smith, "The smell of death and damnation: Sulphur as an apocalyptic element in Christian apocalyptic literature"
  • Maggie Saucedo, "The riotous religious reality of the Trump era: Christian nationalism, spiritual warfare, and moral panics in the making of the 2021 Capitol insurrection"


  • Isobel Dickson, "The Art of Remembering: Austrian Post-War Reckoning with the Nazi Period and the Reconciliation of Jewish Memory Through Holocaust Memorials" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Jona Yadidi, "How Bread Rises to the Occasion: The Relationships between Christian and Jewish Bread Rituals"


  • Carol Beckett, "The String of Deep Innen: Rites of Passage Events and Festivals in Marking the Passage of Time and Creating Japanese American Buddhist Community in the Incarceration Camps”
  • Rachel Chang, "A Life-Affirming Response to Suffering: Bringing Together Nietzsche's Philosophy and Zen Practice"
  • Lewis Dayton, “Defining Institutional Ecological Responsibility at Two American Zen Monasteries” 
  • Roee Perry, “Politics and Truth: The Influence of Platonism on the Political Theology of Islam and Judaism in the Writings of al-Farabi and Maimonides”
  • Stella Ramos, “Why Salmon Matter: Subverting Settler Colonialism in Environmental Justice Scholarship Through a Study of the Seattle Salmon Homecoming Celebration” Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps


  • Ellie Alberg, “Feeding the Transnational Orishas: Factors in the Resilience and Adaptability of Santería”
  • Naomi Brauner, "Community and Difference: The American Moral Experience - How Love and Solidarity Can Guide Us"
  • Franny Hutchins, “American Folk Piety in The Exorcist: The Decline of Organized Religion and the Recovery of Catholic Exorcisms in the United States” Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Lucky Looby, “The Untenability of Ideologies of Purity: Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses as Critique of Khomeini’s Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Pai Miller, "Hechicería and Hierarchy: Isabel Duarte de la Cruz and Women’s Subversion of Power Through ‘Witchcraft’" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Ivy Salinas, "Charity Reinvisioned: Creating Artistic Bridges between the Sacred and Secular through the Patronage and Creation of Chapel Environments"
  • Olivia Tenney, "The Greater Reason: Emotion in the Cultivation of Wisdom - A Nietzschean Critique of Metaphysics Applied to Contemporary Life Philosophy"
  • Sophia Vallas, “The Imitatio Game: An Exploration of the Shift from Imitatio Christi to Imitatio Martyri in Christian Martyrdoms
  • Emily West, "Narrating the Royal Kumari: Debates over Agency and Secularism in the Role of a Living Goddess in Nepal”


  • Joscelyn Guzman, "Female circumcision among the Gikuyu community: Interrogating the colonial roots of dominant abandonment approaches with the help of critical race theory (CRT)" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Max Zimmerman Hornstein, "Contextualizing Christians: Anti-Jewish Rhetoric from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages" 


  • Reilly Brown, "What Buddhism Can Bring to Restorative Justice"
  • Miriam Hamburger, "Art as Power in an Indigenous Context: Examining Indigenous Art Inside and Outside the Art World"
  • Brandon Rodrigues, "New Religious Movements and the Anxiety Over Indoctrination: A Study of Heaven's Gate and Brainwashing"
  • Griffin Wynne, "None to Nun No Longer: Diversifying Representations of Women in Thai Buddhism"


  • Lisa Chang, "Asian American Youths: The New Face of Campus Ministries"
  • Aneesah Ettress, "The Production of Marian Doctrine through an Historical  Interaction of Spatial Elements: A Lefebvrian analysis of the Dormition of Mary"
  • Mark Greenberg, "A 'Cultural' Moral Argument for Effective Healthcare within the United States"
  • Alex Wolf, "Putting Irony to Work"


  • Mary Belen Atyemizian, "Mestiza Subjectivity Guiding Decolonization in Chicana Artistic Renditions of La Virgen de Guadalupe"
  • Afrika Bakenra, "Sustainability and Thrivability"
  • Shira Danielle Barlas, "Shining the Light on The Hidden Lamp: A Quest for a Comprehensive Sense of Self"
  • Zach Buchanan, "Islamic Feminism"
  • Kai Foster, "The Art of Juggling Realities"
  • Mia Loucks, "An Examination of Advaita Vedanta Philosophy and its Active Employment in Daily Vedanta Ritual"
  • Shalini Pace, "The Past Not Present: Milan Kundera, the Question of Czechoslovakian Identity, and the Fear of Forgetting"
  • Carlina Perna, "Teresa of Avila and Santeria: The Function of Marginal Space within Religious and Social Reform"
  • Alanna Quan, "Fathering in the Image of God: The Performance and Policing of Masculine Ideals in Focus on the Family" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Katy Waddell, "Unintended Outcomes: How the 1979 Revolution in Iran Empowered Women and Altered Agency through Higher Education"
  • Leah Wolf, "An Analysis of Elie Wiesel's Post-Holocaust Theodicy"


  • Aralyn Beaumont, "Conditioning Religiosity: How Cookbooks Reflect and Shape Contemporary Mennonite Expressions of Faith"
  • Aaron Bernstein, "'She is the Home of Men': Habitation and Woman in Levinas' Ethical Philosophy"
  • Faryn Borella, "A Shift in Thinking: Friedrich Nietzsche's Historically Distinct Conceptions of World Structure, Ecstasy, and Music"
  • Zabia Colovos, "The Holy Creative: A Study of Empowerment through teh Performance of Interior Scroll"
  • Josh Gorlick, "Understanding Julius Goldwater's involvement with the Little Tokyo Community: A Perspective on Japanese-American Buddhist Ethnic, Religious, and National Identity"
  • Hannah Hall, "A Feminist Bioethics Look at Latin@ Conceptions of the Self and Health and their Ability to Access Health Care in Southern California" 
  • Brian Holtvedt, "'Questioning Builds a Way': The Possibility of Freedom in Heidegger's Thought"
  • Jordan Jordan, "Shifting Representations: A Close Look at Orientalist and Progressive Scholarship on Pre-Islamic Women"
  • Momoko Matsuda, "Turkey's State-Hired Female Preachers: Assertions of Muslim and Feminist Identities in Modern Turkey"
  • Grace O'Hara, "Culpable Eve: A Gendered Reading of the Fall and its Portrayals in Early Christian Theology and Medieval Art"
  • Zia Rutledge, "Los Hermanos Penitentes: A Study of New Mexican Folks Religion"
  • Nick Wright, "Native American Religious Freedom versus Property Rights: A Case Study of the Gabrielino-Tongva and the Sacred Site Puvungna" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps


  • Marah Bragdon, “Charisma, Religion and Politics: Billy Graham and Imam Khomeini’s Incorporation of Religious Traditions and Political Action"
  • David Cole, “A chromatic linguistics, towards a literal philosophy of language (Or, how to have an idea and not just a correct one)" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Brian Cropper, “Narrative strategies shared between Islam and Christianity: Reclaiming a Historical Multi-Religiosity through Textual Interdependence"
  • Natalie Malter, “Celebrating 125 years of ‘Earnest Inquiry’: The Legacy of the Gifford Lections on Religion, Science, and Natural Theology"
  • Morgan Rutter, “Electronic Evangelicalism: Entertaining or Mere Entertainment?"


  • Margot Clifford, “The Irrelevance of Inequality: Reframing Women’s Liberation in Egypt through Saba Mahmood’s Politics of PietyAwarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Robert Deans, “Nietzsche, Philosophy & Mythology: The role of myth in Nietzsche’s Brith of Tragedy"
  • Elana Freeman, “Emptying the Path of Awakening"
  • Kaitlin Kelly, “The Technology of Womanhood: The intersection of Iranian gender reassignment surgery, Heidegger, and Dworkin"
  • Max Levine, “Dying in the Open: Love and the Ethical in Judaism and Post-Modernity"
  • Andrea Loh, “Jewish Theological Responses to God After the Holocaust: The Evaluation of God’s Nature and God’s Actions"
  • Lily Rowen, “The Evolution of Buddhism and ‘Religion’ in Ireland" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Senior Religious Studies Comps
  • Lindsey Streeter, “Abd-al-Rahmann III, Francisco Franco, and Alfarabi: An Account of Religion and its Role Within the Spanish Political Arena"
  • Krishnaveni Subbiah, “Issues Surrounding Hindu Arranged Marriages in India: Is there a solution?"


  • Jeff Eamon, “Antiterrorist Financing Policies’ Impact on Islamic Charitable Giving and the Reshaping of American Muslim Identity" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Agne Jomantaite, “On the Concept of Hospitality: Thinking with Kant, Schmitt, Levinas, and Derrida" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Amelia Frey, “All Hail the King of Pop"
  • Kayla Furman, “God and Nature in Kabbalah: Impervious or Vulnerable to Disruption?"
  • Emma LaFleur, “The Location of the Land of Topsy-Turvey: the Japanese and theJesuits in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Aaron Landman, “An Exegesis of Sayyid Qutb’s Historical Methodology as Articulated in Milestones"
  • Emily Long, “Pure Sex: The sexualization of virgins in Christianity as a means to affirm patriarchy"
  • Natalie Monterrosa, “Highlighting Difference and Sustaining Conflict: The Rhetoric of Storytelling in Northern Ireland During ‘The Troubles’"
  • Akasham Pace, “The Unfinished Work of Photography"
  • Emily Painter, “Obesity: Weight Beyond Body"
  • Ian Powell, “Hearts versus Minds: Struggles between Scientific Atheism and Religion in the Soviet Union, 1917-1990"
  • Rob Riccardi, Untitled or “The Rise of Western Zen and the Emergence of American Environmental Consciousness in the 1960’s" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Thomas Rodrigues, “‘All Communication Participates in Suicide’: A Bataillean Investigation of Charity" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps


  • Rachel Deitch, “Behind the Religious: An Examination of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Charismatic Authority in the Islamic Revolution"
  • Hannah Dreitcer, “Embracing a New Spirit: Resistance and Gender in the Development of Indigenous South African Christianities"
  • Joe Hernandez, “Heidegger and Thinking: Recollecting the Divine"
  • Riley Hooper, “In the Native Landscape is the Preservation of the World: A Look at Worldviews of Nature through the lens of the American Lawn"
  • Harrison Taylor, “God in a Mall, Eternity in a Bottle: A Study of Consumerism and American Religion"
  • Alex Wolf, “On Redemption – A Genealogy in Five Parts"


  • Erin Conley, “Battle of the Sexes: Re-evaluating Women’s Leadership Role in Christian History"
  • Mallory Nezam, “The Sacred and the Ugly: The limitations and implications of the intersection of secular and sacred perspectives on pollution in the river Ganga"
  • Jacqueline Herrlin, “Do-it-Yourself Islam: PuNk RocK as a Means of Cultural Adaptation for Muslims in the West"
  • Maya Varga, “Feeding the Soul: Reconciling Christian Faith with Overeating"
  • Ahuva Zaches, “CONCESSIONS" or “The Relationship Between Sexuality and the Pursuit of Holiness: A Comparative Exploration of Virginity, Marriage, and Contraception in Roman Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism"


  • Ryan Bowen, “The Ethics of Santería: Spiritual Resistance to Oppression in the Americas"
  • Kevin Chaves, “Through Religion to Being and Time: Uncovering the Religious Foundations of Heidegger’s Authenticity" Awarded the Kairos award for Best Religious Studies Comps
  • Nathaniel Crawford, “Jane Leade: Envisioning a Divine Feminine Order"
  • Pete Delgado, “The Role of Women in Puritan Society"
  • Brooke Holmes, “The First Amendment—A Historical Analysis of the Political, Social, and Judicial Climates that Continue to Shape Religious Freedom"
  • Katie Osborne, “Christian Ethics: Woman and Abuse"
  • Jeff Pecaro, “A Critique of Politics and Amnesia in Bio-Atheism"
  • Jessica Rutiz, “For Jesus? Defining a Jewish Identity in 21st century America"
  • Nathan Schradle, “Reclaiming the ‘Mystery’: A New Philosophical Paradigm for Understanding the Mysteries of Mithras"
  • Sophia Simonian, “The Impact of Religion during Teenage Development"
  • Amanda Tonkovich, “Imagining Jesus: Power of the Icon"


  • Sam Betty, “Beyond Life: America’s Infatuation with the Near Death Experience and the Afterlife"
  • Leah Concannon, “[Divine] Justice: From the Gallows to the Penitentiary"
  • Noah Glusenkamp, “Naturalized Karma and Naturalized Rebirth: Towards an Understanding of Food and Future"
  • Eric Haynie, “Developing an Understanding of Love and Compassion in Contemporary Religious Thought"
  • Whitney Lewis, “Spiritual Poverty and Righteous Revolution: Liberation Theology an the Process of Critical Reflection"
  • Sam Mowe, “Wandering and Pilgrimage in the Buddhist Tradition"
  • Ben Swift, “Christianity and the Construction fo Race within the American Identity"


  • Simyona Bryant, “Martin Luther King Jr.: A Faithful Advocate of Nonviolent Revolution for the Disinherited"
  • Timothy Maes, “A New Piety: Historically Locating the Contemporary Megachurch"
  • Rebecca Shellock, “A Reformation of Femininity: Hildegard of Bingen’s Redefinition of the Feminine in her Texts, Art, and Life"
  • Sam Sinkin, “Fundamental Change: A Re-Evaluation of Existence, Truth, and the Way Through the Five Mindfulness Trainings"


  • Julian Allen, “No Longer a ‘So-Called Negro’: The Creation and Development of the Nation of Islam’s Black Muslim Identity"
  • Tycho Bergquist, “Religion and Spirituality: The Natural Tie of Mainstream and Avant-Garde Music Toward Social Progress"
  • Erica Booth, “Death and The Afterlife: A Comparative Analysis of Buddhist and Christian Thought"
  • Lauren Constancio, “Contemporary Bioethics from a Buddhist Perspective"
  • Ana María Garay, “The Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Death and Glory: Exploring the Dimensions of Death and the Virgin Mary as Symbols of Freedom for an Afro-Brazilian Confraternity"
  • Heather Kanny, “Islamism and Social Justice in Egypt: The Rise of Ikhwan and the Simultaneous Creation of an Islamic Transnational Identity"
  • Stephanie Langlais, “Compromising through Translation"
  • Colin Maloney, “The Emergence of Christianity and the Baha’i Faith"
  • Dallin Wilson, “From Qumran to Cumorah: Sources of Latter-Day Saint Attraction to the Dead Sea Scrolls"