The John Parke Young Grant has allowed more than one hundred students to explore 50-plus countries through research and internships. See the map below for student research and internship locations and projects from 2012 through the present year.

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Unfortunately, due to the coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all student grants for summer 2020 were postponed.

Andrea Nichole Devries '20
Independent Research
Paris, France

Aerex Narvasa '22
Conference: Warwick Economics Summit
Coventry, United Kingdom

Evan G. Sarafian '20
Research: Exploring the Historical Origin of Abkhaz Secession
Tbilisi, Georgia

Jade Siew Thurnham '20
Conference: American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting: 2020 Communicating Science Seminar
Seattle, United States

Joseph Michael Sortino '20
Research: Italian Slow Food in a Fast-Heating World
Panzano in Chianti, Italy

Kathryn G. Roach '20
Research: Youth Participation in Civil Society through Digital Media in post-revolutionary Tunisia
Tunis, Tunisia

Nora Grace Healy '20
Research: Independent Research to analyze how Hungarian national identity and history is manifested in Budapest
Budapest, Hungary

Otto Martin Altman '20
Research: A Template for Our Urban Future - Infrastructure in Nairobi
Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel L. Berger '22
Research: Self-organized interview and documentation at several organizations/establishments, starting with the Azienda Agricola Orsini
Florence, Italy

Seth E. Davis '20
Research: Moroccan Journalist Jailed for Abortion Freed After Royal Pardon
Marrakesh, Morocco

Thomas J. Robertson '20
Fellowship: Collaboration on ICT Policy for Central and Southern Africa (CIPESA)
Kampala, Uganda

Alexandra deGrasse Schrader '19
Conference: Google Cloud Next
San Fransisco, United States

Alessandra K. Pelliccia '20
Research: Generations of Conflict and Remembrance in Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia

Anabel Lee Gullo '21
Research: "The City and the Sea"
New York, United States

Belle Brooke Bashaw '20
Conference: at the Hague
The Hague, Netherlands

Chidire Obioha Ezeh '20
Conference: UCLA Data Science Expo
Los Angeles, United States

Claire Grace Van Fossen '19
Internship: Vital Voices Global Partnership, Human Rights Team
Washington D.C., United States

Hallaamal Mohamed Keir '19
Conference: Rebellious Lawyering
New Haven, United States

Ian Russell Lehine '19
Internship: Central for Digital Liberal Arts
Los Angeles, United States

Layla Hamedi '19
Internship: Community Outreach with Proyecto Valores
Heredia, Costa Rica

Leo Connelly '19
Conference: Google Cloud Next '19
San Fransisco, United States

Liam James Walsh '19
Conference: Impact Capitalism Summit
Denver, United States

Plamen Kalinov Ilchevski '20
Research: Stagnation in the IT Industry in Bulgaria
Bulgaria, various cities

Pooja Hasmukh Thekdi '19
Conference: South by Southwest
Austin: United States

Saya K. Madea '20
Internship: Tokyo Intern at the US-Japan Council
Tokyo, Japan

Sofia Porcarelli '20
Research: Right-Wing Populism in Germany
Germany, various cities

Yiming Zhang '19
Research: Field Expedition in Central Iceland: Investigation of the Human Drivers of Landscape Changes and Soil Erosion
Central Highlands, Iceland

Youngeun A. Kang '21
Internship: Public Policy and International Affairs (PPIA) Program
Washington D.C., United States

Alejo Maggini '22
Conference: Latin American Leadership Academy
Montgomery, United States

Alisson Salazar '19
Research: Here and There: Transitional Immigrant Rights Activism
Tijuana, Mexico

Allen Chen '19
Research: Chinatown (El Barrio Chino) in Havana Cuba
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Jacquez Pierr Lesure '19
Research: Seeking Truth and Reconciliation in Education
Cape Town, South Africa

Manjun Hao '19
Internship Host: Star Kampuchea
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mia Grace Smitny '19
Research: Diverging Nationalisms: A Comparative Study of French and German Alt-Right POlitics in the Postwar Era
France and Germany, various cities

Robertia Fujino Reid '19
Research: Shiki: Conceptualizing (anti)Blackness in Contemporary Japan
Boston, United States

Samir Alexander Gangoli '19
Conference: 60th India Society of Labour Economics (ISLE) Annual Conference
Mumbai, India

Olivia Alexandra Wilk '19
Research: Culture and Copyright: The Intersection Between Soft Power and Intellectual Property Law in China
China, various cities

Tala Ismail '20
Research: Tania El Khoury's Garden Speaks Exhibit at Brut Wein
Vienna, Austria

Troy Van Buskirk Barter '20
Research: Connecting the Paris Agreement with Beef in Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lexi Nicole Banbury '19
Research - The Impact of Female Friendships With a Bi-National Identity
Amman, Jordan

"Body in Amman, Soul in Palestine."

Chidire Obioha Ezeh '19
Internship - Global Ambition, Local Action Initiative (G.A.-L.A.) with L.A. City Mayor's Office
Los Angeles

Ovie Ayebatari Kabba '19
Proyde Madrid

Hallaamal Mohamed Keir '19
Internship - Yemen Peace Project
Washington D.C., USA

Megan Elizabeth Mundell '19
Internship - IES Tokyo Summer Program Resident Assistant
Research - Literature Review and Qualitative Analysis of Working Women and Family Planning
Tokyo, Japan

Working women and Family Planning in Japan: What do working women in Japan need to balance a career and a family?

Marie Andrea Snyder '19
Internship - Ashoka Africa Partnerships and Fundraising
Arlington VA, USA

Zachary Sasha Solomon '19
Internship - Global Ambition, Local Action Initiative (G.A.-L.A.) with L.A. City Mayor's Office
Los Angeles CA, USA

Snighda T. Suvarna '20
Internship - Global Ambition, Local Action Initiative (G.A.-L.A.) with L.A. City Mayor's Office
Los Angeles CA, USA

Georgia Tucker '18
Conference - 6th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development
Granada, Spain

Emily Winfield '17
Conference - Visual Science of Art

Jayne Seeger Wixtead '19
Internship - IAEA's (International Atomic Energy Agency) Central Security Coordination Office Regarding Policy and Planning

Troy Van Buskirk Barter '20
Conference - The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy
Washington D.C., USA

Henry Doyle '19
Research: Northern Ireland and the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

Mason Vaughn Hurlocker '20
Research: Onward Israel Government and Politics Program 2018

Gaea Patrice Morales '18
Conference - 62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations
New York NY, USA

Haiyi Zhao '19
Internship - Global Ambition, Local Action Initiative (G.A.-L.A.) with L.A. City Mayor's Office
Los Angeles CA, USA

Ronald Chan '18
Conference - The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture
Berlin, Germany

Kiera Cox '18
Research - Transnational Anti-Femicide Movements as Agents of Social Change in Latin America
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Adriana Housman '18
Documentary - The Eyes of Crisis - The Visual Narratives of Immigration: Who is Framing the Immigrant Experience?
Los Angeles, New York City, and San Fransisco

Miki Konishi '18
Research - Stateless in Japan - Experience and Biopolitical Management
Tokyo, Japan

Sam Kowitch
Research - Catholic Nonprofit Work with Assisting Migrants
Seville, Spain

Juliah Lee '19
Research - Putting Theory into Practice: Integrating Moral Disengagement Theory into Counterterrorism
Washington DC

Qin Mei '18
Research - China's Soft Power Campaign in the Trump Era|
Shenzhen, China

Julia d'Amours '17
Research - The Salability of Death: The Selk'nam Genocide in the Public Sphere
Santiago, Chile

Chelsea Blair '18
Research - Commodification and the Indian Diaspora
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Sydney Bowman '18
Internship - Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives Integrity
San Francisco, USA

Evan Brandaw '18
Internship - Institute on Economics and International Affairs (IEIA)
Washington D.C., USA

Elizabeth Bushong '18
Research -Womanhood and the Environment: Examining Native American Artists' Intersectional Identities
Venice, Italy

Ciara Byrne '18
Research - The Nicaraguan Experience in Costa Rica
San Jose, Costa Rica

Zachary Cohen '18
Internship - World Affairs Council, Global Education
Washington D.C., USA

Ca'La Connors '17
Research - Creolization and the Creation of Afro-American Nations
Santiago, Dominican Republic

Kathleen Fedorchak '18
Research - Investigating the Effects of French Colonialism on the Development of the Moroccan Education System
Rabat, Morocco

Isaac Glanzrock '17
Research - Geological Research in Iceland's Central Highlands
Reykjavik, Iceland

Ryan Henderson '17
Internship - International Budget Partnership: Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency
Washington D.C., USA

Rosalind Jones '18
Internship - United Nations Populations Fund
Washington D.C., USA

Yumi Kobayashi '19
Research - Indian Diasporic Experience
Kobe and Tokyo, Japan

Dana Lim '17
Research - Decolonization Through Global Visibility of Indigenous Artistic Production
Venice, Italy

Hongjin Lin '18
Internship - OneSky Foundation
Beijing, China

Cynthia Magallanes-Gonzalez '17
Conference - Mobile Identities: Sub Sharan Migration towards Western Europe
Ibn Zohr University, Morocco

Ieva Marcinkeviciute '18
Research - Clash of Histories: The Forgotten Baltic Genocide
Vilnius, Lithuania

Jason Mittler '20
Internship - Hybrid Social Solutions: Solar Unit Development in the Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Hanan Mohamed '18
Internship - Global Youth Connect Colombia
Bogota and Medellin, Colombia

Jesse Moore '17
Research - Transnational Labor Migration and Its Impact in Rural Bolivia
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Gaea Patrice Morales '18
Research and Internship - The Missing Link n the Gender and Sustainability Discourse
Makati City, Philippines

Naomi Navarro '18
Research and Internship - Women, Skateboarding and Development
Jarwa, India

Matthew Riback '17
Research and Internship - AMUMRA: Human Rights in Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anthea Taeuber '19
Internship - Musings Magazine
New York, USA

Elizabeth Taylor '18
Research - Analyzing the Dutch and American Mental Health Systems
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Poppy Thekdi '19
Internship - U.S. Department of State: Consulate General of Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Andrea Tuemmler '18
Research - Tracing Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Colombian Peace Process
Medellin and Bogota, Colombia

Taylor Walton '18
Internship - Some of My Best Friends are Kimchi: Exploring Gastrodiplomacy Through Documentary
Los Angeles, USA

César Martinez '17
Research - Documentary film "No Olvidados"
San Diego, USA

Anna Misenti '17
Conference - Arctic Circle Assembly on Climate Change
Reykjavik, Iceland

Charles Witwer '18
Conference - Students for Sensible Drug Policy 2017
Portland, USA

Maya Allen '17
Researching Solutions to Femicide in Guatemala Through Education
Antigua, Guatemala

William Butenschoen '18
Fellowship - Social Entrepreneurship at Sustainable Harvest
Portland, USA

Hannah Cohen '17
Internship - US Department of State
Washington D.C., USA

Isaac Dalsheimer '18
Research - Construction Projects with Fundación Aprender
Las Salinas and Tola, Nicaragua

Nicholas Descamps '17
Internship - US Senator Steve Daines
Washington D.C., USA

Madeline Dimarco '17
Research - Comparing Dutch and American Youth Perceptions: Negative Political Rhetoric of Muslim Immigrants
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mario Erpinar '16
Internship - US Department of State
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Jenna Feldman '18
Internship - Machon Kaplan Summer Program
Washington D.C., USA

Naomi Hong '18
Internship - IMS Legal Professional Corporation
Tokyo, Japan

Trevor Litwin '17
Research - An Investigation into the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014
Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland; London, England

Cynthia Magallanes-Gonzalez '17
Research - Migrant Women from Africa South of the Sahara in Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco
Rabat and Casablanca, Morocco

Marilena McCarty '18
Internship - US Consulate
Naples, Italy

Jesse Moore '17
Research - The Effects of Political, Economic, Social, and Technological Developments on Smallholder Farmers in MERCOSUR Nations
Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cordoba, Argentina; Asunción, Paraguay; Porto Alegre, Brazil

Steven Paul '18
Research - How Have Brazilians/Cariocas Utilized Street Art to Mitigate the Effects of Social Unrest and Economic Downturn?
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Angela Peckham '17
Research - Ethnography of Female Muslim Refugees: Insight into Resettlement
Los Angeles, USA

Luis Robles '17
Internship - European Division at the International Republican Institute
Washington D.C., USA

Anastasia Ryseff '17
Research - Police Discrimination Against Minorities in France in Relation to Terrorism
Paris, France

Rizwan Sardar '16
Research - Prospects of Economic Growth with Climate Change: A Greenlander's Perspective
Nuuk, Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Aasiaat, Greenland

Nettie Stein-Miller '17
Internship - US Department of State
Valletta, Malta

Michael Tonetti '16
Internship - Fundraising and Development for E2E Foundation
Medellin, Colombia

Jarron Williams '18
Research - Luce-China Environment Grant
Hong Kong

Ruoxi Zhang '18
Internship - CIEE Summer Program
Seville, Spain

Tristan Cooper ‘16
Internship - Team Tassy
Port Au Prince, Haiti

Julia d’Amours ‘17
Conference - Lemkin Summit 2016
Washington D.C., USA

Dennis Donovan ‘17
Research - Changing Climates and Changing Economies: The Impact of Deglaciation on the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia
Puerto Bertrand, Chile

Mika Kato ‘17
Internship - Team Tassy Year Youth Program
Port Au Prince, Haiti

Emma Goldstein ‘16
Conference - China's Soft Power in Foreign Relations
Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Samantha Morrill ‘16
Internship - Lawyers Without Borders
New Haven, Connecticut

Cesar Martinez ‘17
Research - Alternative Media Circulation in Cuba: Alternative Paquetes and the Re-appropriation of El Paquete Semanal
Havana, Cuba

Catherine Spear ‘16
Internship - Team Tassy
Port Au Prince, Haiti

Daniel Tobin ‘16
Research - Exploring a Multidimensional Environment Index: The Case of Costa Rica
San José, Costa Rica

Natasha Anderson ‘16
H.I.J.O.S. as a Protagonist of Justice: A Case Study of Argentina

Shilpa Bhongir ‘16
Young Readers Program Arodhum International

Ripsime Biyazyan ‘16

Emily Eichenthal ‘18
Senate Foregin Relations Committee Internship
Washington, DC

Olani Ewunnet ‘17
Participatory Urban Planning: An Analysis of Copenhagen and Addis Ababa

Jonathan Kanellakos ‘16
Research on Law of Foreign Investment
Hong Kong

Cholpon Ramizova ‘15
UNHCR Field Internship

Beebe Sanders ‘15
Fellowship with Religions for Peace
New York

Sophie Shafer-Landau ‘17
American Security Project
Washington D.C.

Sydney Silver ‘16
Summer Corporate Partnerships Internship
Washington D.C.

Victoria Walker ‘18
Internship with the U.S. State Department at US Embassy
Maputo, Mozambique

Alida Beck ‘15
Bumi Sehat Foundation Internship in Bali
Nyuh Kuning and Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Alison Flaming ‘15
Dimagi Internship
Leribe District, Lesotho

Andrew Bariahtaris ‘14
Internship at U.S. Congress
Washington, D.C.

Beebe Sanders ‘15
Internship with the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
Washington, D.C.

Calli Obern ‘16
The Use of Social Media to Organize and Advocate
Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cholpon Ramizova ‘15
Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Colleen Scribner ‘14
Attending the Global Forum on Statelessness
The Hague, Netherlands

Elizabeth Stein ‘16
J Street Congressional Internship Program
Washington, D.C.

Emily Linebarger '16
Internship with Chandelao Vikas Sansthan- Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
Jodhpur, India

Enoch Sowah '15
Human Rights Delegation Trip to Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Ian Charles Hutchcroft '16
Economic Development Internship at USAID Philippines
Manila, Philippines

Jean Coleman '14
Internship, Center for International Policy or Inter-American Dialogue
Washington, D.C.

Kaitlin Huemer '16
Sustainable Community Development Internship in Rural Malawi
Chididi, Malawi

Linnea Deewes '14
Examining the Potential of Biogas Systems as Substitutes for Propane and Firewood
Jakarta, Indonesia

Sarah Corsa '16
A 1000 Shillings Fellowship: Narrating the Microcredit Journeys of Namatala Women
Mbale, Uganda

Summer Peet '16
The Borgen Project - Donor Relations and Communications Intern
Seattle, WA

Tiffany Odeka '16
Communities for Democracy
Warsaw, Poland

Jean Coleman ‘14
Prosecuting Pinochet: An Interview with Judge Juan Juzman Tapia
Santiago, Chile

CJ Cruz ‘14
2013 Social Business Summit and Young Challengers Meeting
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Derrick Green ‘14
Shine on Sierra Leone: Developing Metrics for Gauging Social and Environmental Impact
Kono, Sierra Leone

Jessie Durett ‘13
Internship at the Council of Hemispheric Affairs
Washington, DC

Rachel Farkas ‘14
Council on Foreign Relations International
Washington, DC

Alison Flaming ‘15
Improving Access to Family Planning for Post-Abortion Patients
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Alexander Fried ‘14
Internship at the Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS)
Washington, DC

Jill Goatcher ‘14
National Security and Marine Protection: A Comparative Legislative Analysis
California, England and Australia

Noah Goldberg-Jaffe ‘13
Seliba Sa Boithuto Internship
Maseuro, Lesotho

Haley Gray ‘14
Summer Editorial Internship Institute for Palestine Studies
Washington, D.C.

Derrick Green ‘14
India and the Millennium Development Goal on Education: Researching in the Decline in Education Amidst the Institutionalization of the Caste System
Geneva, Switzerland

Alexander Keat ‘15
Younoodle Camp Internship
San Francisco, CA

Aaron Kiesler ‘14
Investigating the Use of Rugby in New Zealand Foreign Policy
Aukland, New Zealand

Robert Lane ‘13
Public Relations at the Sustainable Harvest
Portland, OR

Samuel Pastor ‘14
CSR Uganda: Frontier of Corporate Responsibility
Kampala, Uganda

Elizabeth Quinlan ‘14
Internship at Open A Door Foundation
San Rafael, CA

Ashley Quintana ‘13
Three Squares Inc Internship: Preparation for the Women in the Green Economy Conference
Los Angeles, CA

Rachel Taylor ‘16
Water Improvement Internship
Costa Rica

Nicholas Theyrl ‘15
Intern at the Office of Congressman Adam Kizinger
Washington, DC

Danny Tobin ‘15
Internship with El Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia, Acuacultura y Pesca
Cuenca, Ecuador

Katherine Waddell ‘15
Summer Internship with Ibis Reproductive Health
Cambridge, MA

Giovanna Bettoli ‘15 and Dina Yazdani ‘15
Russell Tribunal on Palestine
New York City, NY

Matthew Horten ‘13
Bordering Cueta: A Historical Question?
Cuenta, Spain

Emma Lalley ‘14
Social Entrepreneurship and Women in Ghana
Hohoe, Ghana

Lauren Mahoney ‘13
StartUp Showdown
Guadalajara, Mexico

Karsten Potts ‘13
Federal Republic of Somalia Internship
The Republic of Djibouti, Federal Republic of Somlia

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