Have a question about funding opportunities? See our responses to frequently asked questions below.

1. Can I submit multiple Young Student Grant applications for different overlapping opportunities?
No, you may only submit one application for consideration.

2. I am graduating this semester, am I eligible to apply for a Young Student Grant for a program happening after graduation?
The grant is only available to current students. Seniors may apply for the winter and rolling grants during the academic year, but not for a summer grant after graduation. 

3. I would like to do a research project in Los Angeles. Can I apply for funding that would support my stay in the LA area?
The committee will consider your application if you can prove your research is tied to a known organization in the area of world affairs or the global economy that requires you to be in LA and/or you are working on a specific project related to world affairs or the global economy under the guidance of a Professor at Oxy.

4. Can I apply for a grant to a program located in a country on the US Travel Restriction list?
No, Young Student Grants follow travel restrictions placed by the US State Department, the World Health Organization, and the Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. A Grant will only fund travel to approved destinations.

5. I applied to a program but will not hear back before the application deadline. Can I still apply?
You may still apply with an explanation, but the review committee will prioritize applicants with an acceptance letter from the host institution. If at the time of the award, you have no program, the award will be revoked.

6. How can a faculty member submit his/her recommendation and is it confidential?
The application will ask you to input your recommender’s contact information. Once you submit, the system will automatically trigger an email to the faculty with an online link to complete the recommendation online. The recommendation is strictly confidential and only the Young Grant Committee can view this section. You will not be able to review the recommendation.

7. Do I have to submit the health form with my application?
No, you do not have to submit the form with your application. See below.

8. When do I need to complete the health forms?
If your application gets approved, the system will notify you to complete the required forms.

9. Can I use the same health forms submitted for my trip last year?
No, health forms are only valid for six months. After six months, you will have to update the expired forms.

10. My program is in the U.S. Must I submit a health form?
No, you do not need to submit a health form for domestic travel.

11. If I am traveling abroad, will I need to submit a health form?
Yes. If your trip is under four weeks, you will need to complete a self-disclosure health form. If your travel is for longer than four weeks, you will need to have a physical along with a comprehensive health form. All materials and forms will need to be submitted at least 30 days prior to travel.

12. Do I have to submit my Human Subjects Research Approval Request Form with my application?
No, you do not need to submit it with your Young Student Grant application, but if you win a Young Student Grant and your work has a human subjects component, you will need to submit the Human Subjects Research Approval Request Form and get it approved by the Human Subjects Research Review Committee. This process usually takes 2-4 weeks, but may require more time to receive approval from Human Subjects Research Review Committee. Please email hsrrc@oxy.edu with questions on human subjects.

13. When will a decision be made after I submit my application?
If you are applying for the Young Rolling Grant ($750 or less), you should hear back within two weeks. If you are applying for the Young Student Grant ($3,500 or less), you will get notification within three weeks.

14. When can I pick up the check if approved?
Once a decision is made to approve your application, you will receive an email by the Young Grant Committee on conditions to accepting the Young Student Grant. You will need to complete the Mandatory Clearing Process and any necessary forms (health and human subject) for us to release your check. If you are traveling abroad, you will have to also be cleared by the International Programs Office.

15. When my program ends, what do I need to do?
After completing, you need to prepare a four-page written report of your project/research, including a one paragraph abstract and expense report. You will have to submit a multimedia project that highlights your experience and findings (in the case of research) for display on the Global Crossroads Media Wall. You will also have to present your work with fellow Young Grantees and Diplomacy & World Affairs faculty at a dinner in the Fall. Details and specific instructions for your post-project work provided before due.

16. My project or program involves human subjects, can I still apply?
All research involving human subjects is reviewed by the The Human Subjects Research Review Committee (HSRRC-IRB), please consult the website for more information.



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