Meet our team of faculty and staff members.

Professor, Diplomacy & World Affairs; Director of the Young Initiative

Madeline Baer is Associate Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College. Her research and teaching focuses on global political economy, the global politics of water governance, states’ foreign policy on economic and social human rights, and water policy in Latin America. Her book S...

Professor, Diplomacy & World Affairs

Anthony Tirado Chase is a professor at Occidental College and chair of its Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy. Chase has published widely on human rights in the Middle East and globally.  His more recent work has focused on city-level action, especially in projects with the L.A. Mayor...

Associate Professor, Diplomacy and World Affairs
Diplomacy & World Affairs

Igor Logvinenko teaches and writes about the intricacies of global political economy, delving into subjects such as energy geopolitics, corruption and international finance, and the nature of authoritarianism.

Assistant Director, Programs & Administration

Priscilla Falter is Assistant Director of Programs and Administration at the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs and Young Initiative on the Global Political Economy. Priscilla brings nearly two decades of higher education and non-profit experience in administration, finance, operations, and student...

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