TEDx Occidental College Sarah Tamashiro Know Your Roots


We are products of negatives and positives of places and often the negatives force us away. But we are quick to forget that these places have existed long before us and are filled with stories and histories that can help us see these places in a new light. "Know Your Roots" explores Sarah's perspective on growing movements in Hawaii that are working to solve problems that are deeply rooted in colonization using solutions inspired by tradition and history. 

Sarah Tamashiro is the daughter of Wayne and Elaine Tamashiro and Scott Awai and Sharene Taba. Born and raised on the island of Oʻahu, she is heavily connected to her home state of Hawaii. After graduating from a small all-girls school in downtown Honolulu, Sarah left Hawaii to attend college in Connecticut before moving to Los Angeles to attend Occidental College where she is a currently a junior Art History major. Although she is of mixed race and was raised in a Japanese-American household, she identifies as a Kanaka ʻŌiwi, the indigenous people of the Hawaiian islands. Sarah considers herself to have a wide spectrum of interests ranging from art and design innovation, modern architecture, endemic flora and fauna of Polynesia, hypeculture, indigenous peoples' rights, and paʻi ʻai.