The Humanities for Just Communities initiative will offer the following courses for Fall 2023.

All of these courses will include a project that makes an intervention in the year's social justice theme (Migration, Displacement, and Cultural Resilience), and students in these courses will present their project to the broader Oxy community in the Spring showcase!


Asians at a protest from the 1970s
FYS 1 & HIST/RELS 169: Transpacific Movements and Activisms: Asian and Asian American Connections Across the Pacific

An 8-unit course that examines Asian and Asian American political activists who have been crisscrossing the Pacific, building and rebuilding networks of resistance to colonialism, marginalization, and exploitation.

an invy leaf growing across a spraypainted wall
FYS: Linguistic Resilience in Los Angeles

An FYS course that examines how speaking any non-English language in the United States is an act of political resistance and linguistic resilience.

a migrant worker holding a box of picked strawberries
FYS: Eating Culture: Food, Race and Migration

An FYS course on how migration has shaped food production, distribution and consumption and in turn, how migrant communities have negotiated heritage, assimilation and resistance through foodways.

a painting showing Black migrants at a train station traveling to major northern cities
AMST/BLST 208: The Great Migration and the Transformation of American Culture

A course on the extraordinary twentieth-century demographic shift that impacted Black communities across the United States, redesigned the fabric of American cultural and political life, laid the foundations for the civil rights and Black power movements, and continues to inform our ongoing quest for social justice today.

an immigrant woman holding a gun pointed at the viewer
MAC 244: Feminist Provocations: Migrant Justice in the US Cinema

A course about subverting various forms of oppression that perpetuate patriarchal domination, xenophobia, and national exclusion in film.

men sailing a boat across the Nile in the 2nd century
RELS 111: Displaced Peoples of the Mediterranean

A course that focuses on displacement as a defining feature of Mediterranean history from antiquity to the present.

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