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Core 101: Protest, Abolition, and Freedom Movements

July 8-August 5, 2024

FREE to all incoming Oxy first-years* 

Course Description

In summer 2024, the Humanities for Just Communities summer virtual course will introduce students to the range of ways Humanities disciplines—including Art History, Black Studies, History, Media Arts & Culture, Philosophy, and Religious Studies—study protest, abolition, and freedom movements

In addition to learning about the topic, there are other reasons to take the course!

  • Students will become familiar with college-level expectations in a low stakes and supportive environment
  • Students will meet classmates and faculty before arriving on campus

Course Structure

The course will be divided into “modules,” each taught by a different faculty member. This will allows students to glean varied perspectives on the topic and meet several Oxy faculty members.

For each module, students will complete some asynchronous work: they will watch a recorded lecture, complete an assigned reading, and write an initial response to the lecture/reading. Then they will engage in a synchronous virtual discussion group with the module's faculty leader and classmates. 

Students will be guided by two "peer mentors," existing Oxy students who will support your coursework and who will build community among members of the class.

Course Requirements

Students will earn a “Credit” grade for a 1-unit elective if they complete ALL of the following: 

  • Complete the introductory reflection & participate in the discussion group led by the peer mentors
  • Complete at least 6 (out of 7) faculty-led modules
  • Complete a final reflection & participate in the discussion group led by the peer mentors

Students will need access to the internet in order to stream the lectures and to participate in virtual discussion groups.


  • Complete the discussion group preference form linked here By June 30th - Interest form now closed
  • Students who have been assigned into a discussion group, should click the "HJC Registration Form" button below to open the registration form, complete ONLY the top portion, sign the form, then email your completed form to registrar@oxy.edu 


HJC Registration Form



What did last year’s students have to say about the course?

  • “The class material was so interesting and important, and I loved being able to work through our ideas with each other during discussion groups. This was exactly what I hoped college would be like!” 
  • “It was so great to be able to meet classmates and to interact with faculty before arriving on campus. It made me excited to immerse myself fully in my classes in the fall!”
  • “I learned so much about how different scholars approach social justice and I was pushed to think about activism in a much more expansive, interdisciplinary way.”


*This course is free to all Oxy incoming first-year students! All tuition costs and course materials are covered by the Mellon Humanities for Just Communities grant.

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