The Humanities for Just Communities initiative will offer the following courses for Fall 2024.

All of these courses will include a social justice project that makes an intervention in the year's social justice theme - Protest, Abolition, and Freedom Movements - and students in these courses will present their project to the broader Oxy community at the Spring showcase!


Lê’s woven images combine historical and personal photographs, Hollywood film stills, and journalistic images in order to reframe representations of war and migration from the perspectives of Vietnam, the United States, and the global Vietnamese diaspora. Lê’s photo-weaving technique derives from traditional methods of weaving mats that the artist learned from his aunt.
FYS & ARTH/MAC 296: Subversive Art and Media

An 8-unit course on the ways visual artists challenge and critique dominant systems of power, and catalyze movements of social change.

Text engraved on stone blocks reading: "Freedom of Speech / Freedom of Worship / Freedom from want / Freedom from fear"
FYS: Imagining Freedom

An FYS course that dissects notions of freedom and the denials of freedom in carceral systems.

A mural depicting a black youth with fist raised, wrapped around a yellow flower. To the right of his hand, the text reads "They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."
FYS: Race and the Environment

An FYS course that dissects the complex and myriad ways in which race and the environment interact.

pen and ink drawing of Harriet Tubman sitting on a rock formation
FYS: Emancipation: Black Freedom in the Making

A course that focuses on how enslaved people and freedpersons struggled to make freedom a reality.

Maypole Festivities in Llano del Rio, Socialist Commune in LA County.
FYS: Imagining Utopia

An FYS course that examines how religious communities have imagined a hopeful future.

screenshot from film, Compensation
BLST 240: Black Women Write Social Justice

A course on the myriad ways in which Black women write toward a different kind of world.

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