The Humanities for Just Communities initiative will offer the following courses for Fall 2022!

All of these courses will include a project that makes an intervention in the year's social justice theme (health justice), and students in these courses will present their project to the broader Oxy community in the Spring showcase!


Mt. Kanchendzonga, Sikkim, India
RELS 120: Flourishing in a World on Fire: Cosmologies of Multispecies Health in the Anthropocene

A course centered around the question: How can we be "well" when the world is beset by the existential issue of climate change?

A COVID-19 patient at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego watches a private concert by a professional violinist on an iPad in his room on July 17. (Courtesy of Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego)
MUSC 200: Music and Disease

A course that studies the relationship between music, sound, and disease, with a focus on how the disabling effects of disease affect musical performance (singing and playing), and how composers and performers have responded to and represented disease

A Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA) street performance and march in Oakland, CA, 2021, as part of Y Basta Ya! (Enough!), an ongoing collaborative project initiated by NAKA Dance Theater to highlight stories of Indigenous and Latine immigrant women. Photo by
HIST/LLAS 259: Health on the Move: Immigrant and Refugee Resilience

A course on how immigrant and refugee health histories help us understand the development of health injustices and imagine migrant healthcare and healing for our times.

The Great Malaise, dir. Catherine Lepage (2019)
MAC 247: Representing Health, Illness, & Well-being Through Storytelling

A course that examines how well-being, health, and illness are represented through the study and creation of animated cinematic media and storytelling.

scales of justice with a snake wrapped around them
First Year Seminar (FYS 2): Envisioning and Enacting Health Justice

An FYS course on how to conceptualize health justice and what justice looks like within various aspects of healthcare.

A woman in a medical gown looking distressed
First Year Seminar (FYS 27): Performing Disease

An FYS course on how performances both intervene or amplify the representations and politicization of disease.

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