students on a suspension bridge in a jungle environment

What can a summer in Ecuador teach you about healthcare in underserved communities? What will you take away from filming a documentary on traditional embroidery in India?

Oxy emphasizes undergraduate research, and opportunities to pursue it are by no means limited to the United States. Along with more traditional study abroad programs, students from all disciplines have options for doing research or other creative projects abroad. Some academic departments sponsor international research, including faculty-led expeditions, and you can also work independently in a community setting.

Your work might become the basis for your senior comps, and it can also open the door to invaluable faculty mentorship. Your experiences abroad might even guide you toward your future career.

Some of Oxy's international research opportunities:

Richter Grant
Funded summer research virtually anywhere in the world, across all disciplines, for eight to ten weeks.

Faculty-led Richter Research
A new program allowing professors to take students to countries like Mexico, Jamaica and Iceland to do field work.

Young Grant
Funded independent research, internships or conference participation related to world affairs or the global economy.

Schwartz Fund
Supports independent studies in economics and finance, including locations like Jordan, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Guatemala, Mexico and Venezuela.

Anderson Fund
Supports academic research in the political science field, open to politics and UEP majors.

Research at Chinese University of Hong Kong
Conduct research with a cohort of international students across multiple disciplines under a CUHK faculty supervisor.

Undergraduate Research Center
Funding for research during spring break, summer or winter-term, with international opportunities available.

Davis Projects for Peace
Funding to design a grassroots project anywhere in the world that promotes peace and addresses the root causes of conflict among groups.

Global Projects
Additional funding opportunities to pursue unique projects or coursework abroad.