Minutes of the 3/19/2018 CCSRM Meeting

  • Office on Violence Against Women Campus Grant Announcement
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month Activities 
  • Campus Climate Survey Results Presentation

I.Call to Order – J. Broomfield
Jennifer Broomfield called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility (CCSRM) at 3pm on Monday, March 19, 2018, in JSC Morrison.

II. Welcome and Introductions/ Roll Call – All members
Robert Bartlett, Jennifer Broomfield, Andrea Boyle, Mijin Cha, Elizabeth Diliberti, Marianne Frapwell, Sophia Kaufman, Lupe Mejia, Vivian Garay Santiago, Sara Semal, Teresa Kaldor

III. Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Campus Grant Announcement -- Sara Semal, Marianne Frapwell
The OVW grant will expire in May, a new grant for new funding has been completed and we will know in October 2018 if the funds are continued to avoid stalls in services and resources.

IV. SAAM activities/calendar – Marianne FrapwellPromotion of activities: Emmons Center will be table April 2, 3, 4, 25, and 26 from 11:30-1:30pm in the quad to promote activities.

APRIL 4: Invisible survivors of #MeToo 7-8:15PM Choi Auditorium. James Meaudors and Leigh Ann from The Arc present a talk highlighting the too often invisible survivors of sexual violence, those with developmental disabilities

Take Back the Night 8:30-10pm-Greek Bowl. Take Back the Night Survivor Speakout. A space for survivors of sexual trauma and their allies to share, listen, support, and build community

APRIL 11: "Out in the Night" Documentary screening and Discussion. 7-9pm-Choi Auditorium.

APRIL 12: Trauma-Informed Yoga with Katia Ornelas. 6-8pm-Lower Herrick


APRIL19:  Art as Healing workshop with Eve Andry.

V. Trans Conference volunteers

The 4th Annual Asterisk Trans Conference is a one day conference on Saturday, March 31 from 10am - 5 pm at Occidental College. This year we anticipate 200- 250 participants from all over Southern California to attend. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! Mainly in the morning set-up and later in the day for tear down. You can sign up to volunteer here.

If you are also interested in attending the conference, you can register as a participant here ; free for volunteers and Oxy students ($25 for faculty, staff, and off-campus folks).

CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES: build community for Trans people, particularly college students; to address the health and well-being of Trans people, especially access to Trans-inclusive health care; and to provide education and tools to advocates for Trans youth (including educators, social workers, and physical and mental health providers). Bamby Salcedo will deliver the opening keynote, 23 programs, a lunchtime resource fair, and Edxie Betts will deliver the closing keynote. An informal social time for attendees to gather at BMPP in Eagle Rock.

Text or email Dana Michels if you have any questions about the announcements. michels@oxy.edu  |  T 323-341-4750

VI. Campus Climate Survey Presentation of results– J. Broomfield and T. Kaldor
Teresa Kaldor and Jennifer Broomfield presented the campus climate survey results starting with student results.

Members discussed:

  • How to address the apparent survey fatigue among students who have attended Oxy for more than one year.
  • Better ways to train the Oxy community about how to report incidents of sexual misconduct, detailing what happens during an investigation.
  • The possibility of bringing in a theater group (which includes material about what a healthy relationship looks like) to Oxy as a new training option.
  • Concern that only 11% of assaults are reported to the Title IX Office. This remains a training and outreach issue.
  • Concern that LGBTQ+ students reported the highest rate of sexual assault (22%) but represent a small minority of the reports received by the Title IX office.
  • Overall, Oxy has a lower trust level than other schools.
  • Generally good perception of the Title IX training per the campus community members from students, faculty and staff.
  • Students’ trust levels for campus officials’ remains low (only 36% believe campus officials will take action against the offender / 65% believe campus officials would take the report seriously).
  • This is the 2nd year of a homegrown survey of faculty and staff (26% of the Staff and 27% of the Faculty completed this year’s survey).
  • Faculty and staff generally trust Title IX Office to take reports seriously (faculty 78% and staff 88%) and to support and protect the person making the report (faculty 68% and staff 84%) Faculty and staff.
  • Faculty and staff generally do not have as much trust in Campus Safety to take reports seriously (faculty 48% and staff 68%) and to support and protect the person making the report (faculty 27% and staff 61%).  Survey does not address what is causing faculty and staff concerns with Campus Safety.
  • While faculty and staff report a high rate of receiving Title IX training in the last 3 years (93%) and 68% report remembering all or most of it, the survey questions about who are confidential sources and who are responsible employees indicates that there is still confusion about these roles. 
  • The Title IX office received 75 complaints last year and conducted 3 formal investigations (sexual assault/non-consensual sexual contact and stalking).

Next Steps:

•Include Oxy specific questions on the student survey

  • Include comparison data
  • Create additional communication materials on responsible employees, reporting options and the investigation process
  • Include more specifics on verbal harassment in new employee training
  • Explore the addition of more options for informal resolution of complaints (Informal resolution not available for allegations of physical violence.)
  • Consider alternative means of campus climate data collection
  • Consider alternative training methodologies

VII. Website redesign

Jennifer Broomfield has scheduled a meeting with the marketing department to discuss options to design a new Title IX Office website. We will consider committee member input on the design and content of the new website and will present a mock website at the next CCSRM meeting. Members please send ideas to Jennifer Broomfield for consideration. The new website is slated to go live Fall 2018.

VIII.New Business – All members

Jennifer Broomfield asked for any new business. No new business was brought forth.

IX.Next Committee Meeting

Date in late April TBD.


Jennifer Broomfield called the meeting adjourned.