• Department of Education Letter to Students, Educators and Other Stakeholders
  • Working Groups Membership
  • CCSRM Report to President Elam and Campus Community

April 13, 2021

9:00 a.m. Zoom

Call to Order: 9:05 a.m.

  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance: Alexandra Fulcher, Avanti Puri, Ashley Claiborne, Chris Arguedas, Elizabeth Braker, Isaiah Thomas, Junko Anderson, Kim Lundy, Lisa Sousa, Marianne Frapwell, Rob Bartlett, Vivian Santiago
  3. Updates:
    1. Department of Education Letter to Students, Educators and Other Stakeholders
      1. Details steps the Department is taking to carry out President Biden’s recent (March 8) Executive Order on Guaranteeing an Educational Environment Free from Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Including Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.
      2. OCR’s “Comprehensive Review” of Title IX Regulations
        1. Gather feedback - will also consider the more than 124,000 written comments gathered as a part of the rulemaking process for the 2020 regulations
        2. Upcoming public hearing - students, educators, and other stakeholders will be able to offer oral comments and written submissions. Dates TBA.
        3. Forthcoming Q&A - OCR plans to issue a new Q&A document to “provide additional clarity about how OCR interprets schools’ existing obligations under the 2020 amendments, including the areas in which schools have discretion in their procedures for responding to reports of sexual harassment.”
        4. Anticipated Notice of Proposed Rulemaking - OCR anticipates publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to amend the current TIX regulations involving the formal notice-and-comment period.
        5. Explicit statement that focus is also to ensure that students who have experienced discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender idenity “have their legal rights fully met”
  4. New Items:
    1. Working Groups Membership
      1. Policy Revision Working Group
        1. Anticipated Commitment: Summer 2021
        2. Purpose: In-depth review of Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy, including ensuring compliance with state (SB 493, SB 967, Cal. Ed. Code, § 67385-67386, etc) and federal law
        3. Members: Marianne, Vivian, Jim
      2. Climate Survey Working Group
        1. Anticipated Commitment: Summer 2021
        2. Purpose: review available climate surveys and plan for the fall 2021 climate survey administration
        3. Members: Marianne, Avanti, Chris, Isaiah
      3. Sexual Respect and Title IX Website Review Working Group
        1. Anticipated Commitment: Fall 2021
        2. Purpose: review the current website and provide suggestions for changes/additions of new information in order to ensure the availability of up-to-date and accessible information.
        3. Members: Jim Tranquada, Ashley, Kim (Laura P. and students as well)
    2. EverFi Post Course Survey Results
      1. Alex will compile results into report and share prior to next meeting
      2. More passive programming related to services offered by Project SAFE and the Title IX Office. Tailor messages to specific situations
    3. Report to Pres. Elam and Community Draft
      1. Please review and provide comments and feedback by the end of the week.
      2. Anticipate sending the report to the community the week of April 19 (May 1 deadline)
    4. Campus Pride Index
  5. Next Meeting:
    1. Week of May 17
    2. Last meeting of the academic year
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