• Open Discussion Regarding Safety on Campus
  1. Attendance: Alex Fulcher, Vivian Garay Santiago, Lizzy Denny, Tahn Park, Jim Tranquada, Pooja Bansiya, Rick Tanksley, Richard Mora, Kim Lundy, Joaquin Caro, Rob Bartlett, MD Matlock
  2. Announcements
    1. Project SAFE
      1. Restorative conversations for students regarding accusations of sexual harm on campus - importance of survivor-centered care
      2. PA trainings/resources - consent under the influence
      3. Health Promotions intern partnership
      4. REHS/RA training - consent in communal living
    2. Civil Rights & Title IX Office
      1. Fall End-of-Semester Report distributed
    3. OSAC
    4. Other Members
  3. Old Business
    1. NPRM - still no update, possibly published in May or June
  4. New Business
  5. Open Discussion
    1. Peeping Tom/Safety on Campus
      1. Student Perspective
      2. Campus Safety Perspective
      3. Passive reminders re safety in the dorms
      4. Communication with student body
    2. RA support


Contact the Civil Rights & Title IX Office
AGC Administrative Center

 First Floor, Room 111