• 2022-23 Work Summary
  • Committee Recommendations
  • Committee Membership

CCSRM Charge

The CCSRM is a diverse, multi-constituency College committee whose charge is:

  • Review practices, procedures, and programming relevant to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and Title IX issues;
  • Provide feedback to the Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator on educational programs/initiatives and other sex discrimination policy initiatives;
  • Within the framework of federal law and guidelines and guided by the Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator, review the Occidental College Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy, , and offer suggestions for updates or revision; and
  • Present an annual report to the president and the campus community by May 1, 2023. The report will include a summary of the year's work, as well as any recommendations made by the committee with respect to existing policies, procedures and practices.


Summary of the Year’s Work

The following is a summary of the CCSRM’s work during the 2022-2023 academic year. Committee minutes for each committee meeting are posted at: https://www.oxy.edu/civil-rights-title-ix/sexual-respect-title-ix/campus-committee-sexual-responsibility-misconduct

Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy Revisions
The CCSRM provided feedback to the Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator regarding revisions to the College's Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy that were necessary to comply with state Senate Bill 523. Among the changes were: revisions to the gender-based harassment and gender-based discrimination definitions to comply with SB 523; clarifying language regarding how to request a delay or extension of time in a formal process; addition of language regarding what happens when an accused party withdraws or resigns prior to the completion of a formal process; and simplifying the procedure for objecting to cross-examination questions during a formal hearing. The Committee will continue to participate in future revisions of the policy, including in response to anticipated changes to the Department of Education’s Title IX regulations.

Ongoing Conversations Regarding Safety on Campus
Throughout the academic year, the CCSRM had multiple discussions regarding safety on campus. In response to a number of reports of a “peeping tom” during the fall and spring semesters, the CCSRM discussed response options and how to have a proactive approach to keeping the community informed when similar situations arise. The committee discussed how to increase awareness of these safety concerns and our shared safety responsibilities as a community, including the distribution of written materials in residence halls and adding a Campus Safety presentation to the First Year Orientation schedule. 

Restorative Practices
The CCSRM reviewed current restorative options to harm available through the Sexual and Interpersonal Misconduct Policy and considered whether creating additional informal or confidential opportunities to respond to harm in a restorative way are feasible and appropriate. The CCSRM will continue these conversations during the next academic year.


Committee Recommendations

  • Increase training and education outreach efforts for groups including Greek life organizations, offices that employ students, and registered student organizations;
  • Incorporate a Campus Safety session into the First Year Orientation schedule; and
  • Continue the Committee for the 2023-24 Academic Year.


CCSRM Membership

The 2022-23 members are:

  • Project SAFE – Lizzy Denny, Manager and Survivor Advocate
  • Project SAFE – Joaquin Caro, Program Coordinator & Prevention Education Specialist
  • Student Appointment 1 – Pooja Bansiya, Project SAFE Programming Assistant 
  • Student Appointment 2 – G Northway, OSAC Member 
  • Faculty Council Appointment – Richard Mora, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Human Resources – Jacie Feigelman, Associate Director of Operations and Employee Engagement
  • Emmons Wellness Center – Devon Sakamoto, Assistant Dean of Students for Emmons Wellness
  • Dean of Students Office – Vivian Santiago, Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students
  • Dean of Students Office – Tahn Park, Assistant Dean for Student Support and Director of Restorative Practices
  • Residential Education and Housing Services – Isaiah Thomas, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Education, Housing Services and Student Conduct
  • Office of Student Conduct – Martha Matlock, Associate Director of Student Conduct and Restorative Practices
  • Athletics – Rob Bartlett, Cross Country and Track Head Coach
  • Campus Safety – Rick Tanksley, Director of Campus Safety
  • Office of Marketing & Communication – Jim Tranquada, Director of Communications and Community Relations
  • Civil Rights & Title IX Office – Andrea Boyle, Case Manager
  • Civil Rights & Title IX Office – Alexandra Fulcher, Civil Rights & Title IX Coordinator 
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