• Project SAFE Hiring Update
  • Climate Survey Follow Up
  • Community Report
  1. Welcome
    1. Introductions/Icebreaker
  2. Attendance: Alex, Joaquin, Jacie, Tirzah, Kim, Rick, Jim, Juno, Rob
  3. Updates/Old Items
    1. Project SAFE Hiring
      1. Preventionist search committee update
      2. Third staff member
    2. Climate Survey Follow Up from Last Meeting
      1. Feedback: doesn’t make sense to have a survey people don’t want to take, not much has changed over time, underscored the importance of survivor-centered approach to collecting data/tailor approach to our community, short answer instead of multiple choice or a hybrid approach 
      2. Frequency: yearly or every-other year
  4. New Items
    1. Brainstorm and Discuss Community Report/Recommendations
      1. Last year’s for reference/ideas: /civil-rights-title-ix/sexual-respect-title-ix/campus-committee-sexual-responsibility-misconduct-0-44 
      2. Topics
        1. Address survey/where we see it going in the future
        2. OSAC demands/CCSRM relationship
        3. Training and Education Topics
          1. Consent/integrated education with Emmons
          2. Continuing education and improving effectiveness in educating the community
        4. Policy revisions
          1. California law
          2. Federal regulations
        5. Addressing expansion of TIX/Project SAFE offices
  5. Next Meeting: Review committee report draft and finalize for distribution to President Elam and community
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