• Committee Charge
  • Anticipated Committee Work/Projects
  • New Online Training Feedback
  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance: Vivian Santiago, Devon Sakamoto, Isaiah Thomas, Jacie Feigelman, Joaquin Caro, Jim Tranquada, Kim Lundy, Rob Bartlett, Richard Mora, Alex Fulcher, Rick Tanksley
  3. Introductions
  4. Committee Work
    1. Charge  - The Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct will:
      1. review practices, procedures, and programming relevant to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and Title IX issues;
      2. provide feedback to the Title IX Coordinator on educational programs/initiatives and other sex discrimination policy initiatives; and
      3. guided by the Title IX Coordinator, review the Occidental College Sexual Misconduct Policy, within the framework of federal law and guidelines, and offer suggestions for update or revision.
    2. 2021-22 Committee Report
  5. Announcements
    1. Project SAFE Updates
      1. New Online Training
      2. Upper Class Trainings (offering make-up sessions)
      3. Hosting Community Dialogues 
      4. Upcoming Series for Faculty/Staff
    2. Civil Rights & Title IX Office Updates
      1. 2021-22 Annual Report
  6. Discussion
    1. Anticipated Committee Work/Projects:
      1. Review policy revisions - TBD
        1. Summary of Major Provisions of the Department of Education’s Title IX Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
        2. A Summary of Recently Proposed Title IX Rules and Regulations
      2. Website Overhaul
        1. Social media integration
      3. Revise Climate Survey - Oxy-specific
        1. What were the issues last time, why are we doing it and what are we hoping to get from it? Incentives? 
        2. Convo with Jackie Cameron/assessment group, coordinate/align with other surveys going out
      4. Prevention/Education - 
        1. more off-campus socialization happening 
        2. Intersections around alcohol/drugs, etc
    2. New Online Training Feedback
    3. Open Discussion
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