Oxy students and their faculty mentors
My Oxy Mentor
Whether the topic is research or career options or life itself, meaningful interaction between students and professors is a vital component of the Oxy journey. Four graduating seniors and...
Playing Many Parts
From Shakespeare to statistics to literature to dance, John Bouchard and Alan Knoerr shared their passions with the Oxy community
The Meaning of Wright
Professor Dale Wright’s journey to Buddhist enlightenment began when he was a teenager—and he’s spent the last four decades inspiring students to expand their thinking
Worth Noting
A new species of scorpion named after Occidental College, a new role for adjunct professor Christopher Hawthorne, and a new study by assistant professor Bhavna Shamasunder
Occidental Fanfare
Assistant professor of composition Adam Schoenberg takes joy in the creation of new music—and he has his first Grammy nomination to show for it
An Occidental Truth
For students and faculty across multiple disciplines, climate change is real—and they’re exploring solutions through classroom study and field research
Who's New in the Classroom
From the arts and sciences to computer science and religious studies, Occidental’s latest tenure-track appointees run the academic gamut
Senior Comps
Extra Stresstrial
Senior comps can be time-consuming, mind-bending, and soul-crushing—but they inspire many Tigers to unimagined heights
Coming to America
Decades before they joined the diplomacy and world affairs faculty at Oxy, Sophal Ear, Lan Chu, and Sanjeev Khagram immigrated to the United States as refugees. How have their journeys...
Heart Like a Wheel
Undeterred by life's obstacles—including the 15 surgeries he's endured related to his rheumatoid arthritis—Professor Roger Boesche and wife Mandy share a love for the world, adventure, and...
Urban Legend
Professor Bob Gottlieb was a champion of environmental and social justice causes long before they became fashionable. Students and colleagues celebrate his influence and impact
Forever Omar
With a resume as a playwright, director, actor, and professor, the late Omar Paxson '48 created enough memories to sell out a lifetime of Summer Drama Festivals. Still, his greatest legacy...