Room & Board

Living on campus is an important part of the Oxy experience.

My student is having roommate issues. What can I do?

Many disagreements between roommates can be worked out with an open mind and a willingness to talk with each other. If the conflicts persist, encourage your student to speak with their Resident Adviser (RA) as a first step. The RA has received training on how to mediate roommate conflicts and help them learn how to have dialogue around disagreements. The RA is also the person who will inform them of how to work through the room-change process that happens during the third and fourth weeks of school. This information will also be published on the REHS Facebook page. Should students still need assistance, they can schedule a meeting with the professional staff member overseeing the building, the Graduate Hall Coordinator, who will be able to assist with the situation.

Can I deliver a cake to my student's room on their birthday?

Deliveries cannot be made to a student's room for security reasons. However, we know how important it is to wish your student well on their special day. Our Campus Dining department can suggest a local bakery you may use to order a cake or cupcakes for pickup in the Marketplace. Contact Campus Dining at (323) 259-2629 for assistance. You may also check with your cake vendor to see if they are able to deliver to your student's campus post office box via the Oxy Mailroom.  

Do the college residence halls have a curfew?

The residence halls are open to student residents of that hall 24 hours a day. The Academic Commons, which houses Oxy's Library, is also open 24 hours a day during the academic year.

Where can I learn about meal-plan options, locations for food on campus and my student's special dietary needs?

Campus Dining offers a variety of meal plans, and has several locations to grab a snack or enjoy a full meal. Options to accommodate special dietary consideration are available at every dining facility. If you are a student living in traditional campus housing, you must purchase a residential meal plan (Meal Money). Residents of off-campus Oxy houses as well as off-campus students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but may choose to take advantage of a residential plan or a FLEX plan. Meal plans should be selected at the start of the academic year, but can be changed prior to the spring semester if needed. Information about meal plan selection is available for students through

Menu items in the dining facilities are priced individually (á la carte), and residential meal plan participants receive a 50% discount off the posted prices in the dining facilities. Students use their Oxy ID at the cashier to check out, and purchases are deducted from their account balance.

All Meal Money accounts are set up with a pre-set vending account. Food and beverage vending machines with card readers are located at various locations around campus. If a student runs out of meal money, any remaining vending funds will automatically be converted to meal money to be used in the dining facilities.

If a student is running low on meal plan funds, online additions may be charged to the student account. Additional funds not spent at the end of a semester will be transferred to a rollover or FLEX account for continuing usage. Oxy's Card Office can assist your student with account balances and next steps. 

Can my student bring a car to campus? If my student does not have a car, is there public transportation available?

Students can park for free on campus, but must register their vehicle with Campus Safety. Parking lots can be found adjacent to each residence hall and near most academic buildings. About 60% of Oxy students bring a car with them.

For students who do not bring a car, there are many transportation options on and near campus. Students can check out one of the Zipcars parked on campus, or hop on one of the student-run Bengal Buses to run errands. There is also a growing community of bike riders who rely on Bike Share for free bike rentals, repairs and camaraderie. The Los Angeles public transportation system is also easily accessed from campus. The DASH bus can get you to and from the Gold Line, the light-rail system that connects Pasadena with downtown L.A., the San Fernando Valley, Culver City and Long Beach. Metro buses on Eagle Rock and York boulevards also provide easy access to life around Los Angeles.


Residential Education and Housing Services 
Phone: (323) 259-2531

Campus Safety 
Phone: (323) 259-2599

Campus Dining 
Phone: (323) 259-2629

Phone: (323) 259-2888