Meal Plans

Students in Oxy housing are required to have a meal plan

If you are a student living in Oxy housing for fall 2020, you must purchase a residential meal plan (Meal Money). Off-campus students in non-Oxy housing may purchase Meal Plan D or use Bengal Bucks for dining purchases (Tiger Takeout only, no Marketplace access)

How to Use Meal Money

Menu items in the dining facilities are priced individually (á la carte), and residential meal plan participants receive a 50% discount off the posted prices in the dining facilities. Simply pick what you want to eat and use your Oxy ID at the cashier to check out. Purchases are deducted from your account balance.

ID cards and account balances are not transferable. You must be present for a purchase to be made with your card.


All Meal Money Accounts are set up with a pre-set vending account (deducted from balance after the base cost has been allocated): $80 for plans A , A+, and B, $50 for plan C and $30 for plan D. Food and beverage vending machines with card readers are located at Samuelson Pavilion, the Academic Commons (front patio and 1st floor snack lounge), Keck Theater academic lobby, and at E. Norris, Berkus Hall, and Bell-Young Residence Halls. Vending machine purchases are not discounted. Don't want to use vending? If you run out of meal money, any remaining vending funds will automatically be converted to meal money to be used in the dining facilities, earning the 50% discount, until a zero balance is reached. If you are on plan A or B and have vending funds remaining at the end of the semester, these funds will be added at full value to your rollover calculation. If you would like to allocate funds from Bengal Bucks to Vending please contact Card Services. Additional funds may not be allocated from Meal Money to Vending, and funds may not be allocated from rollover accounts to vending.

Additional Deposits

If you find yourself running low on meal plan funds, you may make on-line additions (charged to your student account with the Business Office). Additional funds not spent at the end of a semester will be transferred to an account (Rollover or Bengal Bucks) for continuing usage.