Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct

A campus-wide committee appointed by President Jonathan Veitch, the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCSRM) works closely with the Title IX coordinator. 

The Committee's responsibilities are laid out in its formal charge:

“As a residential liberal arts college, we live, work, and socialize in community. As such, we want to be ever mindful of our rights and responsibilities, especially with respect to our most intimate personal interactions.

“The Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct will:

  • review practices, procedures, and programming relevant to sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, and Title IX issues;
  • provide feedback to the Title IX Coordinator on educational programs/initiatives and other sex discrimination policy initiatives; and
  • guided by the Title IX Coordinator, review the Occidental College Sexual Misconduct Policy, within the framework of federal law and guidelines, and offer suggestions for update or revision"

The Committee will report to the president and the campus community annually. Their report will include a summary of the year's work, as well as any recommendations made by the committee during the year with respect to existing policies, procedures and practices.

You can contact the Committee at