You may not be here on campus, but campus is still here for you!

We want you to stay connected and engaged with Oxy. That’s why we’ve assembled this hub for virtual class resources, community-building events and a comprehensive roadmap of all the resources you need to succeed academically!

Wondering about Spring 2021 at Oxy?

Oxy faculty have successfully reimagined teaching this academic year. Get some insight into what’s ahead in disciplines ranging from computer science and philosophy to the creative arts, as professors break down how they foster a personal and intellectual connection with their students remotely.

The student affairs team also has reconsidered how to support a robust experience that explores identity and intersectionality, and helps build a connection with the Intercultural Community Center and the Student Leadership, Involvement, & Community Engagement Office.

Virtual Backgrounds

Missing Oxy? Customize your video conferencing background so it feels like you're back on campus! New images added for Fall.

Faculty Workspaces & Pets

See where your professors are working these days...along with some of their furry assistants. Want to share your own photos? Email us!

The Importance of Mindset Series

"The Importance of Mindset" is a video workshop offered by Dr. Melinda Houston, Oxy Kinesiology Professor and Certified Mental Performance Consultant. The spring semester provided a variety of challenges for all of us. This workshop series is designed to help you process how you reacted to these challenges and how you can choose to grow from that experience to better prepare you for the upcoming academic year. Each of the four workshops is less than 10 minutes and encourages personal reflection along with providing information and strategies.