Dean’s Office Staff

Our administrators serve the academic divisions and have a wide variety of responsibilities.

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Dean Wendy Sternberg

Wendy Sternberg

Dean of the College
Wendy Sternberg has served as the vice president for academic affairs and dean of the college at Occidental since 2017. Prior to joining Oxy’s Dean’s Office, she served as the Dean of Academic...
Associate Deans

Carolyn Brighouse

Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs (ADSAA)
Caro Brighouse serves as the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs. In this role she coordinates resources within Academic Affairs to support students to be successful, chairs the Student...
Kathryn Leonard

Kathryn Leonard

Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs (ADCA)
Kathryn Leonard serves as the Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs. In this role, she provides administrative oversight, stewardship, and overall management of the College’s curriculum,...
Professor Salvador Fernández

Salvador C. Fernández

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (ADFA)
Salvador C. Fernández serves as the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. In this role he supports all academic departments and programs. In this position, his work centers on faculty development...
Assistant Dean
Elizabeth Boyd

Elizabeth Boyd

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
(323) 341-4023
Elizabeth Boyd serves as the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs. In this role, she provides strategic and general support to the Dean’s Office while serving as the principal resource for...
Support Staff
Patty Micciche

Patricia Micciche

Director of Academic Support Services
(323) 259-2783
Patty Micciche manages the administration of all T3 faculty hiring searches, including managing all communications with search committees and candidates. Patty also supports the Academic...

Virginia Lora

Executive Assistant to the Dean
(323) 259-2908
Virginia Lora serves as the executive assistant to the VP for academic affairs and dean of the college by implementing the dean’s directives. She performs day-to-day activities such as managing...