Professor Gabriel Freiman
Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics and Computer Science
M.S. in Engineering, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (France); Applied Physics, University of Paris 6 (France); Ph.D., Ecole Polytechnique (France)
Appointed In
HSC 131
T,R,F 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Gabriel Freiman's research deals with physico-chemistry of surfaces/interfaces. His research work focus towards fluids interaction with solid 2D materials (metals, oxides, carbon nanostructures) at the nanometer scale. He is also interested by its applications (microfluidic sensors, MEMS sensors, photovoltaic conversion, batteries).

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Dr. Freiman is originally from France where he has worked in different research institutions and companies (semiconductors, oil & gas industry) as a research and development engineer during 10 years before working in the US as an associate professor and lab instructor.

He has taught at UCLA in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering and he is currently teaching both in the physics and computer science departments at Occidental College.

Courses taught at Occidental

Physics 110L-Introductory Mechanics (Fa16)

Covers classical mechanics, including kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies, conservation laws, and examination of specific force laws.

Physics 115/115L-General Physics I (Fa16, Sp17, Fa18, Sp19, Fa19, Sp20, Summer 2020)

The first of a two-course introduction to physics designed for life science and premedical students. Topics include Newton's laws of motion, gravitation, work and energy, conservation laws.

Physics 117 L - Waves and Thermal Physics (Sp17)

An introduction to the physics of waves with examples from optics, acoustics, and modern physics. Also an introduction to thermodynamics, including the first and second law of thermodynamics, kinetic theory, heat transport and phase transitions.

Physics 120 L - General Physics II (Sp17)

The second of a two-course introduction to physics designed for physics major students. Topics include electricity and magnetism, electronic circuits, electromagnetic induction and Maxwell's Equations.

Physics 125/125L-General Physics I (Fa16, Sp17, Fa18, Sp19, Fa19, Sp20, Summer 2020)

The second of a two-course introduction to physics designed for life science and premedical students. Topics include electrostatics and electromagnetism electric circuits geometrical and physical optics

Physics 315/316 L-Advanced Laboratories I and II (Fa17, Sp18)

Selected experiments in modern physics designed for Senior students. Special emphasis on research techniques, including literature search, analysis of data, and preparation of written reports

Computer 146 – Statistics (Sp19, Fa19, S20, Sp20, Summer 2020)

Comprehensive study of measures of central tendency, variation, probability, the normal distribution, sampling, estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Introduction to use of technology in statistics. Real-life problems are used to illustrate methods. Weekly lab.

Courses taught at UCLA

MSE105 - Principles of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (undergraduate course) – Fa16, Fa18, Fa19

MSE200 – Principles of Materials Science I: Solid State Physics (graduate course) – Fa19

MSE201 - Principles of Materials Science II: Solid State Phase Changes (graduate course) – Sp17


Freiman, G., Gutierrez J., Oravec C., Effect of temperature on Photovoltaic conversion power efficiency of polysilicon solar cells – lab set-up, The Physics Teacher Journal (To be submitted).

Freiman G., Barboux P., Perrière J., Layer-by-layer deposition of Eu:LaPO4 films for luminescence applications, Thin Solid Films, (Submitted)

Korb J.-P., Freiman G., Nicot B., Ligneul P., Dynamical surface affinity of diphasic liquids as a probe of wettability of multimodal porous media, Physical Review E, 80, 061601-1 to 061601-12, (2009.)

Freiman G., Korb J.-P., Nicot B., Ligneul P., Microscopic wettability of carbonate rocks: a proton field cycling NMR approach. Diffusion Fundamentals, 25, 10, 25.1-25.3, (2009.)

Freiman G., Barboux P., Perriere J., Giannakopoulos K., Layer by layer deposition of zirconium oxide onto silicon Thin Solid Films, 517, 8, 2670-2674, (2008.)

Freiman G., Barboux P., Perriere J., Giannakopoulos K., Sequential grafting of dielectric phosphates onto silicon oxide, Chemistry of Materials, 19, 24, 5862-5867, (2007.)

Faucheux A., Freiman G., Barboux P., Chazalviel J.-N., Ozanam F., Perriere J., Dielectric layers through wet chemistry, Proceedings of  SFV, Autrans SFV editions, 55, (2005.)


Korb J.-P., Freiman G., Nicot B., Ligneul P., Determination of earth formation parameters from T1 NMR relaxation dispersion measurements.  US patent US20110181277 A1, (2011.)

Berthet G., Freiman, G., Danaie K., Bergonzo P., E.Scorsone, Polycrystalline diamond coated metal-based sensors (2014). Schlumberger Patent memo.


Materials Research Society

American Association of Physics Teacher


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Summer VIRTUAL workshops:

  • Computational Modeling Teacher Research Academy (June 15-19, 2020)
  • Physics with Phone Sensors (June 22-26, 2020)

Southern California American Association of Physics teacher meetings (SCAAPT):

Mira Costa College (Oct 27 2018), University of La Verne (March 23 2019), USC (August 10 2019)

UCLA « Faculty Teaching Faculty about Teaching » workshop (Fall 2018) - UCLA Office of Instructional Development.

Oxy Undergraduate Research Students and Their Projects

Addington, Olivia, "Optimizing the Cleaning of the Occidental Solar Array", 2017-2018

Gutierrez, Jacob, "Solar Demonstrator for Environmental Testing", 2016-2017 & 2017-2018

Prayaga, Gyan, "Carbon-Based Supercapacitors for Photovoltaic Applications", 2016-2017

Other Oxy activities

Participation in Technical Solar Cup Project workshops organized by Charles Oravec (2018, 2019)

Recitals of classical guitar at the Department of Music (2019)