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The Young Podcast engages speakers from around the world, bringing community voices, and specialists’ experiences into conversation.

Topics range from community activism, social justice, education—each episode will be centered on innovative ways to approach the Global Political Economy. Published on the second week of each month, these talks will be available here for public access, supporting campus-wide intellectual discourse, and welcoming all members of the Occidental College communities to engage with challenging the political and economic status quo.

Episode 1: Art as Activism with the Cornerstone Theater Company

Members of the local Cornerstone Theatre Company discuss their pioneering model of theater that utilizes community-based, peer-to-peer engagement methods to drive social change in communities across the nation.

Episode 2: Art as Activism with Alberto Lule

Alberto Lule, a current undergraduate art student at UCLA, discusses his recent collaborations with Oxy Arts and his work around deconstructing conceptions of the United States’ prison industrial complex, immigration, drug addiction, and mental health.

Episode 3: Global Political Economy in the Age of COVID with Kim Todd

Kim Todd, the current manager of international programs and events for the Northern California World Trade Center in Sacramento, discusses her work coordinating professional international exchanges through the U.S. State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program.

Episode 4: Global Political Economy in the Age of COVID with Igor Logvinenko

Professor Igor Logvinenko, an Associate Professor of Diplomacy and World Affairs and an affiliate of the John Parke Young Initiative at Occidental College, discusses his work in the field of Global Political Economy in Russian and Eurasian Politics.