TEDx Occidental College Dave Berkus: Smiling at Success, Laughing at Failure


No entrepreneur's "big idea" survives interaction with the marketplace intact. Great entrepreneurs are flexible and coachable. Dave tells stories of entrepreneurs he has financed and coached, some of whom have excelled beyond their wildest dreams, some who have lost it all. Each story leads to a lesson for us all, as Dave Berkus explores the world of entrepreneurism from the unique viewpoint of a nearly sixty year veteran entrepreneur-angel investor.

Dave Berkus has a proven track record in operations, venture investing and corporate board service,both public and private. As an entrepreneur, he has formed, managed and sold successful businesses in the entertainment and software arenas. As a private equity investor, he has obtained healthy returns from liquidity events in over a dozen investments in early-stage ventures. As a corporate mentor and director, he was named "Director of the Year" for his directorship efforts with over 40 companies in the past decade.