TEDx Occidental College David Gensler: Reimagining Your City


As the world's population moves to cities, designers will reinvent how people live in them. David Gensler helps us reimagine how cities work for people, intertwining buildings, nature and open space in entirely new ways. In cities from Shanghai to Doha to San Francisco, design enables us to create places foster community and offer a new vision for what cities can become.

As one of Gensler's three CEO's, David Gensler is responsible for the firm's Shared Services team. David is a member of the firm's Board of Directors and also has oversight responsibility for Gensler's European, Middle Eastern, Asian and South American practices. David Gensler is committed to design that blends creative and strategic considerations to produce innovative solutions that improve clients' business performance. With a background in investment banking and management consulting, he came to Gensler with wide-ranging experience in the healthcare, financial services and technology sectors. In 1994, he founded Gensler Information Solutions (GIS), a consultancy focused on information management strategies for real estate and facilities.