Peer Learning

Subject Advisers in a range of disciplines are available to clarify concepts, work on skills for various courses, and suggest useful study techniques. Subject Advisers can help you grasp course concepts, talk through readings for better comprehension, or develop discipline specific study skills.


American Studies

None 2020-2021

Art & Art History

Lia Kane

Hey Guys! My name is Lia! I’m a senior art history major, and the art and art history peer advisor for the 2020-2021 school year. I’ve been in the major since the beginning of my sophomore year, and am really passionate about art history! I’m originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico but am now living in Highland Park for my socially-distant senior year. In my free time I love to run, hike, read, and hangout with my roommates. This year is going to be hard for all of us, especially since we can’t be together on campus. But I’m here for you!

Stop by my virtual office hours Monday and Wednesday, 5-7 pm, or email me at if you have any questions about classes, or just want to chat. :)

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Diana Flores Barnett

Monday 5-7pm

Tuesday,  Thursday 12-1pm

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Faith Hutapea

Tuesday 5-7 pm

Thursday 5-7 pm

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Ashley Lam

Hello! My name is Ashley Lam, and I am a 3rd year Chemistry Major. I enjoy playing games (board games, card games, video games,...), cooking, and just chilling at home. I am a Los Angeles resident, so if you need any recommendations for places to visit and eat, hit me up! On the academic side, I have been doing research at Oxy for two years now, and I would be extremely excited to talk about projects and opportunities if you are interested during drop in hours. If those times below don't work for you, we can schedule some other time to meet up. Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm.

Thursday 8-10pm

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Cognitive Science

Joelle Floyd

Hi, my name is Joelle Floyd I am a Senior Cognitive Science major and Classics minor from New York City. I am also a member of the track team here at Oxy. Ever since I took Introduction to Cognitive Science I have fallen in love with the major, and would love to answer any questions you have!

Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm

Thursday 4:30-6:30pm

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None 2020-2021

Computer Science

Mohi Andrabi

Friday 5:30pm-7:30pm

Sunday 5:30pm-7:30pm

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Kayla Lim

Tuesday 3-5pm

Thursday 3-5pm

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None 2020-2021


Emma Pond

Hi, my name is Emma! I’m a senior Economics major with a Computer Science minor, and I am the peer subject advisor for Economics! Currently, I’m at home in the Bay Area, but I’m still staying involved with campus through clubs and organizations. Outside of school, I love to hike and play with my dogs! If you’re stuck on a problem set, confused about an exam topic, or just want to talk about Economics, I would LOVE for you to come by during my drop-in hours, which are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm (Pacific). Looking forward to meeting you!

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Claire Frohling

Hi! My name is Claire and I’m a junior at Oxy majoring in Econ, and minoring in Art History. Within Econ, I am primarily interested in Economic development and research. Some fun facts about me are that I lived in Hong Kong for eight years and I love to cook! My hours this semester are Monday and Wednesday 6 pm - 8pm PST. I am currently taking Econ 251, and I have taken Econ courses 101, 102, 250, 320, and 309, so feel free to ask me any questions about those classes. I also really enjoy math, so I am happy to help with any math-related Econ questions!

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Shannon Xu

Hi! My name is Shannon Xu. I am a Junior Psychology major and Education and Linguistics minors. It is my honor to be the Education Subject advisor this semester! You can come visit me if you have any questions about any Education class materials, if you would like to brainstorm project ideas, or if you want me to review your class presentation or research. I am open to any questions, it could be about what you can do with an education minor, possible career paths, or even classes to take within the Education department. Please feel free to stop by and have a quick chat with me! If you couldn’t make the proposed time, please shoot me a quick email: We can schedule another that would work for you.

Tuesday 5-7pm

Thursday 5-7pm

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None 2020-2021


Matthew Aleksey

Hello, my name is Matthew Aleksey and I am the peer learning adviser for Geology! I am a senior that loves the geology major and am always excited to talk about anything related to the subject. I am especially interested in tectonics and understanding the properties and behavior of the Earth’s crust. I have done extensive research throughout my time at oxy and will be able to help out if you are looking to get involved in research too! As the peer learning adviser, I am available to answer any questions related to any geology class but if you have general questions related to the major or just want to talk about the Earth, stop by my tutoring hours! Outside of classes, I enjoy a variety of activities such as gaming, biking, and rock climbing.

P.S. I am also the president of the Geology Club, so if you are looking to get involved in our geology community, also talk to me!

Monday and Friday 6:00pm - 8:00 pm

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Mary Craggs

Hello, all! My name is Mary Craggs and I am a senior history and Spanish studies double major, and the history peer subject advisor for the 2020-2021 school year! I have been a history major since my first year at Oxy, and I am especially interested in historical linguistics or understanding how languages change over time. I am originally from Everett, Washington, but I am currently living in Los Angeles. In my free time I love to cook, ski, and dance, and I am learning how to roller skate! 

Stop by my office hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10am - 12pm PST to chat about assignments, classes, or anything history-related! You can also send me an email at to schedule an appointment if these times don't work for you. I can't wait to see you all soon! 

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Daviona Moore

Wednesday 4:00-6:00pm

Thursday 5:00-7:00pm

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Latino/a & Latin American Studies

None 2020-2021


Ben Pagano

Tuesday 3-5pm

Thursday 3-5 pm

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Media Arts and Culture

Mimi Miyamoto

Hello Media Arts and Culture Students!

My name is Mimi and I’m a senior Media Arts and Culture student here at Oxy. I’m the MAC peer adviser for the fall. I know this time is difficult, as the major heavily relies on group work and one-on-one interactions. If you have any questions about anything or just want to bond with another fellow MAC student, I’d love to connect with you :)

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

  • discuss readings/screenings for better comprehension
  • help prepare for presentations
  • be a sounding board for project ideas
  • take a look at any edits/screenplays for feedback
  • any other technical questions

Join me on Zoom during my office hours, from 3-5pm Mondays, 10:30am-12:30pm Fridays Pacific Time.

Or, email me at See ya soon!

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Brandon Markson

Tuesday, Wednesday 11am-1pm

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Patrick Walsh

Hello Oxy students! I am Patrick (or Paddy), your Philosophy Peer Subject Advisor for this semester. I will be here to help you with philosophy in whatever way I can this semester, and I encourage you all to stop by my (virtual) office hours. Whether you want some last minute feedback on a paper, need help brainstorming, or are feeling confused about a particular argument, I am here to help. Additionally, if you want to chat about Philosophy in general, discuss majoring in philosophy, or just talk about how you're feeling in your philosophy classes, I am always happy to talk. Hope to see you in advising hours!

Wednesday 4-6pm

Thursday  3-5pm

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Jacob Gitlin

Tuesday and Thursday 8-10pm

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Lilah Abrams

Hi! I’m Lilah — a senior, politics major from Portland, OR (though living in Eagle Rock this semester). I’ve participated in a wide variety of courses in the department and am available, and eager, to discuss any political issues (theoretical or practical), whether in writing or conversation!

Monday 10:30am-12:30pm

Wednesday 10:30am-12:30pm

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Claire Seo

My name is Claire, and I’m a senior Psychology and Japanese Studies double major. Please feel free to reach out by email (at or drop by during my hours if you would like help in course material, ideas for essays, or any other advice.

Monday 12:15pm-2:15pm

Wednesday 12:15pm-2:15pm

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Kelli Kimura

By Appointment - email for details

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None 2020-2021


None 2020-2021