Opportunities to collaborate with your Oxy peers, whether you need help with a class assignment or want to explore academic concepts in a collaborative setting.


Peer tutors at Oxy offers drop-in hours for several courses including Science, Economics, Geology, Music, Math, Science, all Language courses, and more!

Subject Tutoring

Peer tutors in a range of disciplines are available to clarify concepts, work on skills for various courses, and suggest useful study techniques. Tutors can help you grasp course concepts, talk through readings for better comprehension, or develop discipline specific study skills.

Language Tutoring

Language Tutors are a group of Occidental College undergraduate students and Visiting Language Assistants who work closely with Oxy students pursuing the study of language.

Study Groups

Peer-led and coordinated with specific courses, in facilitated study groups students explore course concepts, practice problem solving, and learn study approaches in a collaborative setting. 

Academic Mastery Program (AMP)

AMP is a collaborative workshop program that promotes excellence in biology, chemistry, and physics. Workshops are led by upper-level students and provide an opportunity to test knowledge and skills in the context of new and challenging problems.

Scientific Scholars Achievement Program (SSAP)

SSAP is a student-initiated, student-led academic support program. Its mission is to advance the fields of science, mathematics, and health by creating leaders who can meet the demands of a culturally diverse society.