An innovative introduction to Oxy and the interdisciplinary focus of the liberal arts.

Oxy Immersive Semester programs are immersive educational experiences that include a cluster of coursework and community-based/internship components, all focused around a specific topic. Students who choose to enroll in an Oxy Immersive Semester programs have the opportunity to combine academic study with action in the world, exemplifying the vitality and promise of liberal arts. In addition, they build a robust, close-knit intellectual community with peers and with Oxy faculty in their program.

Read a Oxy News Room article about the inaugural Oxy Immersive Semester programs.

Past Offerings

students working together in the library
Computing IRL

Prof. Katherine Leonard and other computer science faculty

Sky writing from In Plain Sight activism
Arts in Los Angeles

Professors Amy Lyford, Sarah Kozinn & Kenturah Davis

Healthcare workers in PPE gear
PPE Portrait Project

Professors Mary Beth Heffernan & Clair Morrissey

Students planting in the earth
California Environment & Conservation Corps

Professors Beth Braker & Q. Sarah Ostendorf