In the Fall of 2020, Occidental College launched the Oxy Immersive Semester. Read an Oxy Newsroom article about the program.

As the name suggests, Oxy Immersive Semester programs were an immersive educational experiences that included a cluster of coursework and community-based/internship components, all focused around a specific topic of study. 

Students enrolled in Oxy Immersive Semester programs had the opportunity to dedicate a semester to a focused, multidisciplinary engagement with a topic. Because of the small class sizes, they built a robust, close-knit intellectual community with peers and with Oxy faculty in their program. And they paired academic study with action in the world, exemplifying the vitality and promise of liberal arts.

Enrollment information

In Fall 2020 enrollment in Oxy Immersive programs was open to all first-year Oxy students, with enrollment preference given to students who are unable to reside on/near campus. Stay tuned for Fall 2021 course information.

Program Offerings

Each program is taught by a team of Oxy faculty and meets multiple graduation and core requirements. For Fall 2020, we offered the following four programs:

Note: Individual Oxy Immersive Semester programs carry between 8-14 credits (see the pages linked to above for more information). Students enrolled in an Oxy Immersive Semester program may choose to take an additional course(s) from the regular course offerings to build up to a maximum of 18-credits.

Cost of the program is based on the College’s normal rates. All students enrolled in an Oxy Immersive program will be eligible for financial aid: full-time students (who take 12 or more credits) are eligible for full financial aid and part-time students (who take 11 or fewer credits) are eligible for partial financial aid.  For information questions about tuition and financial aid, email