Benefits of Joining

Why should I join AMP?

Meet new people
At AMP workshops and social events, you'll get to know other students in your classes as well as upper-level student facilitators.

Develop problem-solving skills
AMP exposes you to different ways of thinking about challenging problems, which will help you in other courses not supported by AMP.

Keep up with course concepts
Since the weekly AMP workshops are based on ideas being presented in class, they motivate you to stay caught-up with course work rather than playing “catch-up" before exams.

Perform at the top of your class
Mock tests are given in AMP prior to course midterms and finals, giving you a chance to test your knowledge ahead of time and be prepared for the real thing.

OK, I'm ready to join!
Students who volunteer to participate in AMP make a commitment to attend the weekly workshops for the semester. Students may sign-up for AMP at the beginning of the semester when the facilitators for each particular course will publicize the program during class lecture. If you are unsure whether your particular course is supported by AMP, please ask your professor.