Minutes of the 8/14/18 CCSRM Meeting

  • Appendix B Review and Comments
  • Recruitment for 2018-19 Committee

3pm JSC Young

I.              Call to Order – J. Broomfield
Jenn called the meeting to order at 3:00pm

II.              Welcome and Introductions/ Roll Call – All members
Those in attendance: Jenn Broomfield, Eliza Diliberti, Rob Bartlett, Andrea Boyle, and Danita Maxwell (presenting)

II.              Appendix B review and comment – D. Maxwell and J. Broomfield
Jenn started the meeting with a request for feedback from attending members of the newly revised "Appendix B" document, which circulated via email to the committee on August 9 for review and comment.

Marianne Frapwell emailed Jenn her suggestions. Most of the suggestions were incorporated into the document. Marianne had asked for a definition of "advisor" to be included. As that definition is not part of Appendix B nor the Sexual Misconduct Policy, it will be added to the Sexual Misconduct Policy when it is revised later this year.

 There were no further suggested changes brought forth but rather a few questions:

Eliza asked about the difference between an informal investigation vs. a formal investigation. Danita replied: the informal resolution would be department specific as assessment would first take place to determine if arrangements could be made to accommodate the informal process and if found not possible, a formal process would then be put in place. Informal and formal resolution processes would mirror what involves students.

Rob asked if Appendix B would be included online and in the employee handbook. Danita and Jenn noted that Appendix B would be available online as part of the Sexual Misconduct Policy and the Employee Handbook. (Please see attached final version of Appendix B).

 Jenn and Danita will hold a series of training sessions beginning in September.

IV.              Recruitment for 2018-2019 CCSRM

  The committee chair will send out recruitment emails to all Oxy faculty, staff and students to sign up as a CCSRM committee member at the start of the fall semester.

All current members who wish to remain as part of the committee are welcome to stay on. Please email Jenn (jbroomfield@oxy.edu) by September 1 to let her know if you wish to remain on the committee.

V.    Next Meeting / Adjournment

The next CCSRM Meeting: TBD (mid/late September).

There were no further issues, concerns, or questions by committee members. The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.