Minutes of the 6/19/18 CCSRM Meeting

  • Policy Revision Work Group & Queer and Transgender Workgroup Updates
  • Review of Campus Climate Survey Questions
JSC Salsbury

I.Call to Order – J. Broomfield

II.Welcome and Introductions/ Roll Call – All members

Members Present: Rob Bartlett, Jennifer Broomfield, Andrea Boyle, Eliza Diliberti, Zoe Munoz, Sara Semal

III.Workgroup updates – J. Broomfield

Jenn announced plans to organize two work groups in the coming year consisting of:

  • Policy Revision work group
    The policy revision work group will not begin to work on policy revisions until the Department of Education releases new guidelines. We anticipate new guidelines being released sometime between September and December.
  • Queer and Transgender Workgroup
    The purpose of this group is to develop and implement plans to learn the needs of our Queer and Trans community members; to help them feel more comfortable using the services of the Title IX Office and to integrate the CA law of non-binary licenses into Oxy campus systems.  During the summer, the workgroup will develop a series of student focus groups for the fall. In the fall, invites will again go out to students and faculty to join the workgroup and/or participate in the focus groups.

IV.Review of Campus Climate Survey questions

After a review of the recent Campus Climate Survey (CCS), Jenn asked for group input to develop Oxy specific questions for the upcoming CCS. The following topics were discussed:


Results from the most recent CCS indicate LGBTQ students experience the highest rate of sexual assault, but are the least likely to report it.

The following Oxy specific questions were proposed:

"While reporting an incident or seeking help in an attempt to report, have you been mis-gendered?", "Did you feel safe?" and "Does the Title IX Office apply to me?" as well as adding a question about whether and if a Sexual Assault occurred during hazing, "Did you report the incident?" If not, why did you not utilize the service/resource? Then adding a drop down or an open ended field

Trust Levels

Statistics show that as students graduate from Oxy from the highly publicized 2012 Oxy Sexual Misconduct scandal, trust levels have steadily increased and although, the level of trust numbers at Oxy are not getting worse, they are indeed lower than those of other small Liberal Arts Colleges.

Jenn proposed inserting the following: "What causes you to mistrust the Administration’s handling of sexual misconduct reports?" (Insert drop down menu). And "What is the level of your mistrust?"

There was a discussion of adding a trust of LAPD question into the survey as well as an idea of inserting a question about understanding and defining the difference between the LAPD and campus safety but the committee members decided doing so would cause confusion and the survey should really focus on the Campus as represented in the actual name of the survey.


CCSRM members discussed including a section that clarifies what positions fall under staff, administration or faculty.

Additional Questions for Consideration

"Prior to your arrival at Oxy, have you ever received any training on Sexual Assault?" "Do you understand your resources for receiving criminal and medical attention?" "Did you pursue a campus no contact order"

"Did you find the College was able to support you?" "Did Oxy provide options for your safety?"

"Were interim measures provided?"

V.Next Meeting /Next Steps

August 14, 2018 at 3PM  JSC Young

Please submit your suggestions for questions to include in the fall Campus Climate Survey to: Jenn Broomfield at jbroomfield@oxy.edu by July 20, 2018