• Office on Violence Against Women Campus Grant Announcement
  • Campus Climate Surveys
  • Department of Education Interim Guidance Update

I. Call to Order
Danica Myers called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCSRM) at 2:00pm on Wednesday, November 8, 2017, in Fowler 210.

II. Welcome and Introductions/Roll Call-Members Attending
Danica Myers, Andrea Boyle, Marianne Frapwell, Vivian Garay Santiago, Jacob Alden Sargent, Robert Bartlett, Mijin Cha, Andrea Hopmeyer, Sophia Kaufman, Dana Michels, Lupe Mejia, Sandra Pattison, Eliza Diliberti

III.  Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) Campus Grant Announcement – D. Myers, D. Michels, and M. Frapwell
Dana will file for a continuation of the grant.



OVW is a 3-year grant starting AY 2018 and if funded, covers: program coordinator, speakers, supplies, and events on campus.

Grant requires additional members to be added: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and Peace over Violence (POV) representative to certain meetings to meet OVW grant eligibility for community participation in a Campus Coordinated Response Team (CCRT) meeting (Please note: organizations can individualize community name and designate constituents to attend, per grant)


IV. Campus Climate Surveys

Update on 2017 Staff & Faculty Campus Climate Survey – D. Myers",sans-serif;>

Danica Myers shared during her 2 ½ days of training with Ruth Jones, time did not allow for discussion of the climate survey or CCSRM. Danica apologizes for this notice regarding Climate surveys being provided to the committee "after the fact," but there were a number of factors that required timely, immediate action. First, the membership of the committee had not yet been constituted (as CCSRM is reconstituted each AY by invitation from the President). Second, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) resolution agreement with Occidental College (January 2016) notes proscriptive deadline (updates to surveys submitted to OCR by September 15) and timeline (Oxy launches surveys before December 31 to both student and staff populations). Finally, because of both reasons listed above and the fact that the notes and updates made by the CCSRM AY 2016- 2017 committee were not provided to Danica until after the September 15 deadline had passed.

With limited time and resources, Danica, in consultation with Teresa Kaldor, Institutional Research (IR), made minimal few updates/ changes to both Student and Employee Surveys. HEDS offered to create and host Oxy’s Employee survey, which Danica then rejected a new survey since the data would be incomparable to the previous year since the survey was drastically different in format, tone and not aligned to the OCR Resolution suggested focus of Oxy Climate surveys. However, HEDS agreed to host (in lieu of a third party, Kenyon College for AY 2016-2017) the homegrown survey (created by Ruth Jones) was used again this year with minimal updates.
To address the wide range of non-participants from the employee survey, total three completed AY 2016-2017 the following changes were considered. Employees who are native Spanish speakers and employees who are not, as part of their regular job function, required to or provided a computer terminal to conduct Oxy business. Danica had the survey translated to Spanish (which was available last year as well electronically) and printed in both English/ Spanish hard copy/ paper form to encourage greater possible access for Oxy Employees. Danica created "drop boxes" and paper surveys were made available at Kronos (time clock) stations for non-terminal employees with both options of English or Spanish available. Further, Danica helped hire a service to enter the data from paper surveys into the HEDS online survey to reduce loss of information, including translation services.


A.Open Discussion – All members

Andrea Hopmeyer proposed to consider a few options for future non-technical and Spanish speaking employees including: a coffee hour setting with paid time for survey distribution, participation and collection as well as proposing a gift card giveaway once the survey has been turned in to designated staff.

Danica says she is open to suggestions about a better way to collect survey responses for this special population.

Vivian opposed Andrea Hopmeyer’s proposal to a coffee hour/staff meeting setting as it would take time away from employee’s daily work duties and would then need to be made up.

Mijin Cha opposed Andrea Hopmeyer’s proposal to a giveaway addressing concerns of identification of what is an anonymous survey through a giveaway.

Vivian conversely said the expected survey would be even longer.


Danica replied the survey cannot be cut due to the responses needed and that it has to be in a survey form because of the resolution agreement.



Andrea Hopmeyer proposed another incentive for handing in the survey such as a give-away or a raffle for gift cards. If the survey cannot be shortened, then give an incentive.



Marianne suggested there should be a higher sense of privacy on surveys and doing something like a giveaway would compromise privacy.



Sandra Pattison and Sophia Kaufman are in favor of a Facebook notification over list-serve for the survey reminder.


Danica asked for thoughts on a preferred day for the reminder.

A collective "no preference" was agreed.


V.    Department of Education Interim Guidance Update – D. Myers

      A. Open Discussion – All members

No time left to discuss. Danica will address at another time since the group largely took up time discussing campus climate survey and an incentive for the campus to complete the survey and distribution methods.        

VI.      New Business - All Members

  • Open Discussion – All members Nothing further
  • Committee Meetings Next Meeting
    Danica asked the committee to meet again after Thanksgiving, before the end of the year. The committee collectively agreed to one more meeting.



Meeting adjourned by Danica Myers.





























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