• Changes to Federal Policies
  • Spring Topics to Consider

I.          Call to Order

Ruth Jones called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCRSM) AT 1:00 PM on Monday, February 6, 2017 in the Galarza Room (260) of the Library.

II.        Members Attending

Elizabeth Wu, Rebecca Reese, Katelyn Fink, Heather Lukes, Thomas Wesley, Marianne Frapwell, Sara Semal, Olivia Sabins, Wendy Carillo, Vivian Garay Santiago, Jacob Alden Sargent, Ruth Jones, Eliza Diliberti

III.       Response to Possible Changes in the Federal Policies

In light of concerns about possible changes to federal policies relating to sexual violence regulations, sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity under the new Administration, Ruth reiterated to members that Occidental College is able to go further in its policies than simply complying with legal requirements. Additionally, as an institution in California, community members also enjoy the protection of state laws.

Ruth Jones explained measures that Occidental College has already taken to ensure it continues its commitment to an inclusive environment, in spite of changes to the law. Measures include:

                       A. Retreats

1.       Various admins, staff, and faculty held a retreat on January 6, 2017, to discuss current College infrastructure policies and procedures, and what else we need.

2.       Project SAFE and the Title IX Office held a retreat on January 12, 2017, to design a comprehensive college prevention education plan. The committee will discuss prevention education at a future meeting.

B. Discrimination Meeting Group

It was also noted at the retreat that there is some overlap in the objectives of departments charged with addressing discrimination on campus. A new group was formed to discuss this overlap, and to make sure that these various efforts are coordinated and moving in the same direction. The new group discussing discrimination will have its first meeting tomorrow.

IV.       Topics for Committee’s Consideration in the Spring


The Title IX Coordinator will work on drafting the FAQ document to accompany the gender-inclusive facilities policy.

A student group at Michigan State created an educational PowerPoint presentation that it will let other schools use for free as long as the group is properly credited. The committee will review this PowerPoint for possible uses at Occidental College.

The committee will discuss the results of the previous Campus Pride Index from several years ago and whether to consider having another one done.

The committee will discuss last year’s survey conducted by former staff member Jonathan Grady.

It was decided that CCRSM would look into what other schools in the area, comparable to Occidental College’s size, are currently doing with regards to the LGBTQQIA+ community. The committee will discuss best practices to explore at Occidental.

B. Project SAFE Coordinator & Clery Reporting

Committee members reported that the University of California system has recently taken steps to protect the confidentiality of survivor advocates at their schools. The committee will reach out to contacts in the UC system to ascertain what steps have been taken by the UC system and determine if they may be applicable to Occidental.

C. Climate Survey Results

The Title IX Coordinator announced that we have received the results of the climate surveys, and that the surveys are with Institutional Research for compilation and analysis. Preliminary results should be ready for distribution to the committee at the February 27 meeting. Someone from Institutional Research will join for that CCRSM meeting to summarize the results.

The CCRSM will also discuss possible changes to policies and procedures as a result of the survey results.

VI.       CCRSM Meeting Dates and Tentative Agenda Items

February 6                   Update and Discussion of Spring Semester Agenda Items

February 13                 No Meeting

February 20                 College Holiday - No Meeting

February 27                 Discussion of Climate Survey Results

March 6                       Spring Break - No Meeting

March 13                     Discussion of Climate Survey Results

March 20                     Discussion of Possible Changes to Climate Survey Questions

March 27                     Discussion of Possible Policy Changes

April 3                         Prevention Education

April 10                       Topic TBD                              

April 17                       Review of Committee Report to the President

April 24                       Topic TBD

Contact the Civil Rights & Title IX Office
AGC Administrative Center

 First Floor, Room 111