• Faculty/Staff Climate Survey
  • Oxy Specific Student Survey Fall 2017

I.      Call to order

Ruth Jones called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCSRM) at 1:00PM on September 26, 2016 in Berkus 243B.

II.      Members Attending

The following individuals were present:

Elizabeth Wu, Ruth Jones, Jordan Brown, Vivian Garay Santiago, Thomas Wesley, Katelyn Fink, Jacob Alden Sargent, Lani Cupo, Tony Romero, Olivia Sabins, Marianne Frapwell, Heather Lukes

III.      Administrative Matters

A. Committee Member Name & Pronoun Introductions

B. Approval of the minutes

IV.      Update on Faculty/Staff Survey

It was agreed upon to include questions that gauge the level of trust staff/faculty have of the College appropriately and promptly responding to reports of sexual violence.

Sample questions could be:

To what degree do you trust the Title IX Office’s to respond promptly to reports of sexual violence? (5 point scale)

To what degree do you trust the College’s to respond promptly to reports of sexual violence? (5 point scale)

What are the barriers/obstacles to trusting the institution? How can the Title IX Office and/or College increase trust? (open answer box)

V.      Discussion of Oxy Specific Student Survey – Fall 2017

Applicable links:

·         2017 HEDS Sexual Assault Climate Survey

o   http://www.hedsconsortium.org/sexual-assault-survey/

1. Feedback on Section One: General Climate

A. Ask Institutional Research what questions are being asked on other Oxy specific student surveys.

B. Separate staff, administrators, and faculty when asking questions pertaining to a group of employees.

C. Separate general campus climate questions from sexual assault campus climate questions.

D. Include specifics on who exactly are considered "campus officials."

2. Feedback on Section Two: Assessing Unwanted Sexual Contact & Sexual Assault

A. It was suggested to keep this portion consistent with the questions that were asked in last and this year’s surveys. 

B. Maintain consistency throughout the survey anytime we inquire about gender. For question 24 specifically, it was suggested that we broaden the answers to provide non-binary options.

C. We will meet with Teresa Kaldor in Institutional Research after we draft the questions so she can explain how the branches/technical aspects of the survey will work.

3. Feedback on Section Three: Bystander Behaviors

A. For question 31 "What stopped you from telling anyone about the sexual assault?" include answer options "I knew someone who had a bad reporting experience" and "I didn’t trust the institution would handle it properly"

B. For question 33/34, reword the questions and change answer options to include a 5 point scale (strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree).

4. Feedback on Section Four: Demographics

         A. To be discussed.

Contact the Civil Rights & Title IX Office
AGC Administrative Center

 First Floor, Room 111