Minutes of the 3/18/16 Meeting

  • Website Revisions

I.      Call to order

Ruth Jones called to order the meeting of the Campus Committee on Sexual Responsibility & Misconduct (CCSRM) at 3:00PM on March 18, 2016 in HSC #225.

II.      Members Attending

The following persons were present:

Anne Schell, Katelyn Fink, Heather Lukes, Ruth Jones, Jordan Brown, Karla Aguilar, Marianne Frapwell, Richard Mora, Scott Bogue

III.      Administrative Matters

1. Review of Minutes from 2.26.16

2. The first stage of the Preferred Name/Gender Policy training for staff took place in the beginning of March. Nancy Jean Tubbs, Director of The LGBT Resource Center at University of California, Riverside, provided Campus Safety, Title IX Office, and the Student Affairs Division training Gender Identity Inclusion. Training went very well and Nancy Jean will return to Campus in the Summer and Fall for additional sessions with Oxy community members.

IV.      Discussion of Website Revisions

Kirstin McLatchie from the Communication Office joined the CCSRM to discuss recent revisions to the Sexual Respect & Title IX Website.

Website Revisions

  • Kirstin evaluated the web presence of the Title IX office during the Fall 2015 semester and  found that there was too much information on the website, some of it was both inconsistent and unclear, and the overall tone seemed somewhat defensive. Kirstin also reviewed the recommendations made by the CCSRM committee. The Communication and Title IX Office worked collaboratively to rewrite the content to better meet the needs of our audiences.

Major Website Additions:

  • Overall slimmed down informative architecture
  • New landing page (http://www.oxy.edu/sexual-respect-title-ix) that divides the home page information into three main categories: Prevention Education & Advocacy, Confidential Resources, and Complaint Resolution & Resources
  • "Get help" button on home page
  • A more warm and supportive mission statement on front page
  • Edited name pages and put more emphasis on important key words to help search engines guide individuals to the right location on our website
  • More accessibly linked to Project SAFE
  • Consolidated contact information on side tab to include both Title IX Coordinator and Survivor Advocate
  • Documents added to links on the homepage include recent Title IX office updates, copy of the policy, information about the 2015 Campus Climate Survey, and Preferred Name and Gender Identification Policy
  • Care & Support Page includes confidential resources, on-campus resources, and off-campus resources (http://www.oxy.edu/sexual-respect-title-ix/care-support); as well as Emergency Help, Supporting a Friend, and Advisor Resources
  • Education & Advocacy page (http://www.oxy.edu/sexual-respect-title-ix/education-advocacy) includes Complainant FAQs, Respondent FAQs, Title IX FAQs for Students, Responsible Employee FAQs, and the Complaint Resolution Process Brochure

Additional website updates to come:

  • Title IX Office is working on the "Sexual Respect FAQ’s" for students, which will be published on the Sexual Respect & Title IX website
  • We will communicate with ITS to ensure the Sexual Respect & Title IX webpage is made more easily available to all campus constituencies in the "My Oxy Gateway"
  • Sexual Respect & TIX will be added to navigation at top of website
  • Continue to utilize bit.ly Bitlinks to track how many clicks certain links get in emails to the community


It was discussed that the Sexual Respect & Title IX website overhaul should be completed by the start of the Fall 2016 semester.