• Spring Climate Survey
  • EverFi Student Training
  • Spring Meeting Topics

December 16, 2020

1:00 p.m. Zoom

Call to order:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions/Attendance: Alexandra Fulcher, Ashley Claiborne, Christopher Arguedas, Isaiah Thomas, Jacalyn Feigelman, Junko Anderson, Kim Lundy, Rick Tanksley, Tiffany Mendez, Vivian Santiago
  3. Spring Climate Survey
    1. All Student Spring Survey
      1. Details
        1. Sent out in March after midterms
        2. Other topics covered: General satisfaction, sense of belonging, diversity & equity, campus climate, LA experience, Health & safety/Well-being, student/faculty interactions, specific section for 1st years, specific section for seniors 
        3. Pull questions from previous surveys to include
      2. Pros 
        1. Could narrow questions to guide during interim regulatory period
        2. Info re: sense of belonging could be useful
        3. Faculty/student interactions - are professors being trauma-informed, and trans-inclusive
        4. How being off campus has impacted student experience
        5. Possibly distribute to on campus students in spring 
        6. Include information re resources that are available 
      3. Cons:
        1. Students are done by spring break
        2. Midterms go the rest of the semester
        3. Data not very usable
  4. EverFi Spring Training
    1. Alcohol Edu and Sexual Assault Prevention modules sent out December 7
    2. Reminders scheduled for December 21 and January 4
    3. Holds start being placed January 5, Clearance run January 19, late fee penalty January 21
  5. Spring Meeting Schedule 
    1. Doodle Poll (or similar) sent out in early January to assess availability
    2. January: Climate Survey and Spring Roadshow
    3. February: SB 493 Requirements/Interim Policy Review/Prohibited Relationships by Persons in Authority
    4. March: Interim Policy Review / Report Topics and Considerations
    5. April: Report to Pres. Elam and Community
    6. May: 2021-22 Committee Planning
    7. Others: Lived Name Policy and Trainings Associate
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