• Climate Survey Response Rates
  • Sexual Misconduct Training and Education Working Group
  • Prohibited Relationships Policy Review
  1. Welcome from Harry
  2. Attendance: Harry, Vivian, Irma, Isaiah, Jacie,  Jim, Rob, Rick, Tirzah, Thalia, G, Alex, Juno
  3. Updates
    1. Climate Survey Closed
      1. Low response rate: 216 Faculty/Staff responses (30% response rate) and 330 student responses (17% overall response rate, 93 first year responses, 62 sophomores, 95 junior, 66 senior, 3 other, 11 prefer not to say)
      2. 2018 response rates: 25% faculty/staff and 15% students
      3. Next steps: Jackie Cameron and Alex review results and hope to have responses in clear report to review at the start of the spring semester for CCSRM to review and find action items/areas of opportunity
    2. OSAC Protest Recap and Themes - G presents
      1. Student culture
      2. Administration/resources
    3. The Occidental Coverage
      1. OSAC Protest
      2. Sexual Misconduct Reports 3x Higher
    4. Community Messages
      1. Nov. 1
      2. Nov. 16
      3. Highlights:
        1. Project Safe: fill program coordinator and prevention education specialist role, add 3 PAs, hire second survivor advocate
        2. Title IX: Hire full-time case and support manager and conduct review of operations/bandwidth of the office and share plans where we plan to hire additional staff
        3. General: identify in-person weekend support, hire additional Emmons counselor, Sexual Misconduct Training and Education Working Group, Restorative Justice Implementation Committee
  4. New Items
    1. Sexual Misconduct Training and Education Working Group
      1. Current volunteers: Alex, Tirzah, Rob, Isaiah, Viktor
    2. Prohibited Relationships Policy Review
  5. Next Meeting: Review changes to Sexual Misconduct Policy needed to comply with SB 493. Alex will send a When2Meet by the end of the day.
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