• Title IX Office and Project SAFE Hiring
  • Prohibited Relationships Policy Review
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy Revisions Review
  1. Welcome
  2. Attendance: Alexandra Fulcher, Chris Arguedas, Vivian Garay Santiago, Gillian Northway, Irma Breakfield, Isaiah Thomas, Jim Tranquada, Mike Hill, Rob Bartlett, Rick Tanksley, Thalia Gonzalez 
  3. Updates
    1. Title IX Office and Project SAFE Hiring
    2. Civil Rights & Title IX Office
  4. New Items
    1. Prohibited Relationship Policy Revision
    2. Revisions to Sexual Misconduct Policy due to SB 493 and DoE Guidance
  5. Next Semester
    1. Spring working group: Training and Education
    2. January: Review Title IX Office Fall End of Semester Report and preliminary changes to website
    3. February: Review Climate Survey Responses and Determine Action Steps
    4. March: Brainstorm and Discuss Community Report/Recommendations
    5. April: Review Community Report/Recommendations
    6. May: Planning for next year/TBD
    7. Summer working groups: Website, Written Educational Materials?
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