Remembering Evelyn Kieffer '40 M'43 and William Tom '51
The Long Engagement
Fifty years after a disapproving dad quashed their dream wedding, Janice Rude '64 and Prentiss Willson '65 tie the knot at Oxy
Multiple Personalities
Oxy's oldest—and most popular—Oswald logo was created in the 1930s by a decal manufacturer in Los Angeles. And boy, did he get around. Here's the untold story of one tiger's many aliases—and...
Sticking to his Story
Peanut butter is the staff of life for many college students—and biographer Jon Krampner '74 spreads it on thick in a comprehensive history of this all-American food
The Word of Bird
Seven years into his presidency, Remsen Bird began keeping a journal detailing the activities and expectations of building a college. In this never-before-published account, he chronicles...
Going Global
The conversion of Johnson Hall into a high-tech learning environment and the addition of world-class scholar Sanjeev Khagram to the faculty signal Oxy's commitment to creating a cosmopolitan...
Speaking of Oxy
An oral history project spanning seven decades of alumni reveals the timeless ties that bind the Occidental community
Jessica Schneider, Campaign Semester
Red, Orange, and Blue
From meeting the president to dressing up as reindeer, Campaign Semester was rewarding and unpredictable
New additions (and new editions) from Oxy alumni and professors
Putting Oxy's endowment numbers under the microscope, dissecting the magazine's National Enquirer moment, and correcting a few stats on our inaugural Hall of Famers