A City. An Experience. A Family. A Home.

L.A. Engage is an optional pre-orientation program that half of incoming students participate in to get an introduction to the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Over two days, upperclassmen facilitators lead trips to experience culture, film, food, nature, social justice, the urban environment, and much more! On an L.A. Engage trip you will connect with students, get to know your surrounding area, and find some stunning places you will want to return to time and time again. 

The L.A. Engage pre-orientation program takes place during the three days prior to new student move-in. Registration for 2020 will be live from June 1, 2020 until July 1, 2020. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at oxyengage@oxy.edu.

Orientation Programs

L.A. Engage is a pre-orientation program for students only. As the content and goals of the L.A. Engage program are different yet complementary, all participants of L.A. Engage are also required to also participate in New Student Orientation. On the day of L.A. Engage move-in, family members are welcome to participate in a mini-Family Orientation Session (described below) or they can choose to return to campus for the full Family Orientation Program. International Students should communicate with our International Programs Office regarding participation in L.A. Engage.

Registration & Costs

Registration for L.A. Engage opens on June 1, 2020; the registration link will be available on this page. This spring, you'll be able to review some of the past trip descriptions on this site to get an idea of what locations each trip will visit. All destinations will be finalized over the summer. Financial assistance for L.A. Engage can be requested when you complete the registration.

*Student athletes need to be aware of their team's practice requirements. Historically, Soccer, Water Polo, Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country have had mandatory practice during the L.A. Engage dates. Please work directly with your coach to verify if you are able to participate in L.A. Engage.


The following dates are tentative and conditional on confirmed new students move-in dates: 
Students participating in L.A. Engage must arrive at Oxy on Monday, August 17, 2020, between 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Students will be also able to move in to their permanent rooms on Monday, August 17.

We will provide shuttle services from Burbank Airport (BUR) during L.A. Engage arrival on August 17, 2020. Students arriving at Los Angeles Airport (LAX) must get their own transportation to Oxy (taxi, ride share, airport shuttle). Recommended sites for cheap flights: Airfare Watchdog, Student Universe, Kayak, Priceline.

Parents/Family Mini Orientation

The following dates are tentative and conditional on confirmed new students move-in dates:
There will be a mini-Family Orientation Program & Welcome Reception on Monday, August 17, where Oxy staff and administrators will be present to meet you and answer questions; additional information about this program and how to RSVP will be available in summer 2020.

Ideally, we would like adult family members to participate in Family Orientation (August 20 - 21) but we understand it is a big commitment to be in Los Angeles for that extended period of time if you choose to arrive with your student on Monday, August 17. For that reason, we advise students travel to campus on their own to participate in L.A. Engage and have their adult family members come to Occidental for the Family Program later in the week. 

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