Daily Crime Log

The daily crime log is a record of all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the Campus Safety Department within the department's service area.

A crime will be entered into the log within two business days of when it was reported to the Campus Safety Department. Entries are organized by the date an incident was reported. The College is required to make the most recent 60-day period of the daily crime log available to the public, free of charge. Occidental College has chosen to display an extended period of 120 days of the daily crime log.

To request an entry or entries of the daily crime log older than 120 days, you may submit your request via this online form and receive the entry/entries via e-mail. Or, if you would prefer to view a paper copy of the entry/entries in the Campus Safety Department office, please call the Campus Safety Department at (323) 259-2599 to make your request. The requested entries will be ready to view during regular business hours in the office within two business days.