Drupal paragraphs are a powerful method of adding visually interesting content that can be easily rearranged on a page for maximum storytelling impact.

We have a number of paragraphs available for content editors to use on landing pages and inside pages to help tell the unique story of each department. Below is the full list of paragraphs available for use on Oxy.edu, organized by their most common use-cases and including screenshots for each. With paragraphs, you can:

Note that many paragraph types are quite flexible and can be used for a wide variety of content (such as Callout Sections), whereas others have very specific uses (such as the Courses Carousel). In addition to all of the paragraph types below you can also add a General Content paragraph anywhere on a page to add another section of body text before, after, or between other paragraphs.

Some paragraphs can be used in the below content section only, and some can also be used in the body content section. For more information on which paragraphs can be used where, see our tutorials on landing pages and inside pages.

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