Upcoming Employee Trainings

A critical function of the Title IX Office is to provide training to the entire Occidental College community. On this page we will post all training dates for faculty, staff, and administrators. 

All new employees are required to attend in person Title IX and Anti-Retaliation workshops. Please check back for upcoming dates.

Title IX New Staff Training / Anti-Retaliation Training Workshops

It is important that all members of the community receive training about the Occidental College Sexual Misconduct Policy and your role as a responsible employee. This mandtory staff/administrator training is for NEW employees and those who have not yet attended a training session.

One result of the OCR findings and resolution agreement was the College’s commitment to provide mandatory Anti-Retaliation training for all faculty, staff, and administrators this fall. Individuals are required to attend ONE training session immediately following their hire.

Date TIme Location
Check Back Later For Upcoming Dates!