How to Report

Oxy encourages everyone to report all forms of sexual misconduct to the College and/or to the police. Making a report means telling someone in authority what happened – in person, by phone, in writing, or by email or text.

Is this an emergency? Find a list of police and other emergency reporting options here.


When you tell any faculty, staff, administrator or residence hall staff what happened, they are required to notify the Title IX coordinator. If you are a Responsible Employee, please make a report via this reporting form. Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that any disciplinary proceedings will immediately begin, or that the respondent will be contacted. When you come forward, you don’t have to know how you want to proceed or even how to label what happened. You have the right to an advisor of your choice to support and accompany you through every step of the process. The Title IX Office will make sure you have access to the support and services you need and that you know all your options. Find a list of on-campus reporting options here.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to file a formal report, consider contacting a confidential resource. Find a list of confidential reporting options here. Confidential resources will not reveal what you tell them to anyone – not the police, not the Title IX Office – without your consent. They also can provide you with support and link you to services. Anonymous reports concerning an act of sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or intimate partner violence can be made via this anonymous reporting form

Please know that:

  • Oxy’s sexual misconduct policy applies to everyone – students, faculty, staff, administrators, and campus visitors.

  • It’s never too late to report sexual misconduct.

  • Your information will be kept private. Only people who have a direct need to know in order to address and resolve the case will have access to your information.

  • Retaliation against anyone who makes a report, cooperates with an investigation, or participates in the disciplinary process is a violation of College policy.

When You’re Ready to Report

You can report instances of sexual misconduct to any staff, administrator, faculty, or student residence hall staff member in person, by phone, in writing, or by email.

When you make a report to one of these individuals, they must notify the Title IX coordinator. The Title IX coordinator will reach out to you to offer measures and services Oxy has available to support you – including counseling, No Contact Letters, and other accommodations - as well as inform you of the steps the College can take to address your situation and prevent it from happening again.

Emergency and External Reporting Options

For Emergencies: 911
For concerning situations
Call dispatch at (877) ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)

LAPD Northeast Division
3353 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Front desk phone number: (323) 344-5701
Occidental is located in Northeast Division.

San Gabriel Valley Medical Center*
438 W. Las Tunas Dr., San Gabriel 91776
Provides medical treatment and forensic exams; closest facility to campus.
(877) 209-3049

LA County/USC Medical Center*
1200 N. State St., Los Angeles 90033
Provides medical treatment and forensic exams.
(323) 226-3961

Rape Treatment Center at Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center*
Provides comprehensive, free treatment for sexual assault victims, including 24-hour emergency medical care and forensic services, counseling and psychotherapy, advocacy, and accompaniment services.
(310) 319-4000 Ext. 3

*A Los Angeles County designated Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Center.

Campus Reporting Options

Title IX Office

To file a formal report with the College, contact the Title IX Office.

Title IX Coordinator, Alexandra Fulcher
Available on weekdays during regular office hours to coordinate a fair and equitable response to reports of sexual misconduct.; (323) 259-1338

Campus Safety
Available as a first option to report an incident of sexual violence or intimate partner violence. Also provides an escort service on campus to any student and can reach the Dean on Duty at any time. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
(323) 259-2511 (emergency line), or dial 5 from any campus phone.

Dean of Students Office/Dean on Duty 
Can provide reasonable accommodations for housing, academic flexibility and no contact letters. Available on weekdays during regular office hours. Access to Dean on Duty 24 hours a day by calling Campus Safety at (323) 259-2599.
Office: AGC #111 and #112 (Ground floor, north side)
(323) 259-2661

Anonymous Reporting

Any individual may make an anonymous report concerning an act of sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or intimate partner violence. An individual may report the incident without disclosing their name, identifying the respondent or requesting any action. Depending on the extent of information available about the incident or the individuals involved, however, the College’s ability to respond to an anonymous report may be limited. The Anonymous Reporting Form can be found here.

The Title IX Coordinator will receive the anonymous report and will determine any appropriate steps, including individual or community remedies as appropriate, and in consultation with the Director of Campus Safety, compliance with all Clery Act obligations.

Confidential Reporting

Occidental Interim Survivor Advocate Tirzah Blanche
(323) 259-1359
Can accompany survivors to a rape treatment center or medical services.

Oxy 24/7 Confidential Hotline
(323) 341-4141
A confidential 24-hour crisis line; can access the Survivor Advocate after hours or on weekends.

Emmons Student Wellness Center
(323) 259-2657
Provides confidential psychological counseling.

Office of Religious & Spiritual Life
(323) 259-2621
Provides spiritual guidance; ordained clergy can provide confidential support.