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The Physics major is designed to appeal to students who wish to prepare for professional or graduate work in physics, as well as those who wish to study physics but have other career goals.

The program for physics majors is composed of the Physics Foundation and one of six concentrations.  All physics majors must complete a core of physics courses called the Foundation. In addition to the Foundation, all physics majors must complete one of the following physics concentrations: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geology, Comp Sci or Education.

Upon graduation, the student's transcript will list both the major (Physics) and the chosen concentration. Some majors opt to complete the 3-2 Combined Plan in Liberal Arts and Engineering. This program allows students to earn combined degrees at Oxy and either Columbia University or the California Institute of Technology over the course of five years. Download a pdf file below that details each available concentration, including the 3-2 plan, and the suggested course sequences for each.

See Courses and Requirements, with special attention paid to Sample 4-Year Plans.

Please see the catalog for information about courses, requirements (including the writing requirement) and general information about the Physics major. Some important topics are covered in more detail, just a click away! Please see below:

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